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UJP Website Rules and Procedures

The UJP Website contains both official statements of UJP and information about UJP campaigns, and content authored by any and all of its members.   Our goal is to promote democratic participation and provide a more useful site by encouraging all members of UJP and of UJP member groups to post their information, opinions, announcements, and thoughts on the site.

All articles posted to the site are signed with a username.   We request authors to provide your real name, e-mail address, and phone number in your profile so we can contact you if necessary.

Events are the lifeblood of UJP.   Members are especially asked to post events to help publicize them.  Worried that we'll have too many events?   Don't be.   As our calendar grows, we'll provide ways to filter events and show those of most interest to different audiences.  

Other information posted by members will be found in the Forums, Blogs, and Events sections of the site.

Each UJP Campaign appoints one or two Campaign Moderators who are responsible to keep the information about their topic up-to-date.    The website is your outreach vehicle -- use it by posting campaign information so your audience and members can easily and quickly find it.  

Each campaign has to have at least one web page, found under  the Campaigns menu, which explains the goal of the campaign and provides contact information.    After posting a page, contact your Campaign Moderator, who can attach information to the "primary links" menu at the top of the site.

The front page of the site contains 3-5 action alerts or UJP statements which have been "promoted" to the front page.   If you have an action alert, first post it as a page.   You can use the <!--break--> tag (in plain text mode) to mark the portion which will appear on the front page after promotion.

Decisions on promotion are made by the Online Organizing Committee (OOC).   OOC members are the overall Content Moderators of the site.   Articles will be promoted if the projects they describe have been endorsed by UJP and have region-wide appeal.   The OOC will use its political judgement to prioritize articles for promotion.   Its decisions may be appealed to the Planning Committee.  

Articles promoted to the front page or reached through the top menus are expected to reflect the views of UJP.   The OOC reserves the right to modify articles if necessary.   Articles in the forum or blog sections express only the author's opinions and will not be modified unless they are spam, offensive or would expose UJP to liability.

The current OOC members are Mike Sances, Doug Allen, Cole Harrison, Duncan McFarland, and David Ascher.

The Planning Committee and the quarterly Strategy Conference provide guidelines for the OOC.   They determine which activities have been endorsed and which ones are prioritized, and in case of dispute, may decide which articles are promoted to the front page and included in the site's menu structure.

UJP reserves the right to edit material for style, to remove defamatory material, or to remove material inconsistent with UJP's Principles.