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Vounteer Opportunities

Join a local community group

Grassroots activism lies at the heart of building a peace movement UJP affiliated peace and justice groups are active in Arlington, the Bridgewaters, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Dorchester, Merrimack Valley, MetroWest, Milton, Newton, North Shore, Somerville, Walpole, Watertown and other communities.  Many have sponsored peace vigils for years.  Local activists help organize town events and resolutions on funding their communities by cutting the military budget and ending the wars; local groups also sponsor educational programs and films.  Find a community peace group near you, or start one on your campus or in your community.

UJP campaigns and task forces

Afghanistan/Pakistan: working for immediate withdrawal of US troops.

Funding Our Communities by Reducing the Military Budget 25%:  broadens the peace movement by highlighting the economic pain and shows how ending the wars and cutting the military budget can bring economic solutions. 

Palestine:  Solidarity with Palestinian self-determination; end US support for Israel’s apartheid policies, military occupation, and siege of Gaza; campaigns for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Stop the Bioterrorism Lab: UJP has been a major member of this "war-at-home" coalition for nine years.  Efforts are still being made by Boston University to do an end run around the risk assessment review process and help is needed to stop the waiver.

Abolishing Nuclear Weapons: Ridding the world of the threat of nuclear war by first focusing on the reduction of the US arsenal; warning of the dangers of nuclear power plants and working to reduce use of nuclear energy

Massachusetts State Referendum: Local referendum on 2012 ballot to end the wars and fund communities and social programs

Legislative Action: network that lobbies Massachusetts legislators on peace issues; mounts congressional office visits and vigils; and bird-dogs candidates, raising peace issues at events

Majority Agenda Project: builds cooperation across peace, economic justice and environmental movements to address the multifaceted crisis; educational programs and campaigns

National peace organizations

UJP is a member of three national organizations, each of which has many volunteer opportunities.

  • United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) is a national network which has task forces on ending the war in Afghanistan, lobbying Congress on antiwar and budgetary legislation, and abolishing nuclear weapons. 
  • The New Priorities Network coordinates work to cut the military budget and fund human needs. 
  • The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation works to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality.

Propose your own program idea or volunteer activity!  

Volunteer by helping at events, mediawork, fundraising, database entry, leafleting, performing arts, graphic design!  For more information contact 617-383-4857 or


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