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UJP Discussion Listserv

United for Justice with Peace has launched a new listserv,

This list will provide a forum for sharing and discussing ideas and plans within the UJP community.

The old "communityeducation" list served this purpose, but is not well known.  Think of UJP-Discuss as a relaunch with a better name and an updated list of members.

The approximately 400 members of "UJP Activist" will be the initial subscribers.   Compared to UJP Activist, It's a quicker way for members to share information -- for example, to announce an event coming up, without waiting for the OOC to send the message out.  

Feel free to drop off UJP-Discuss if the volume is too much for you.  (To unsubscribe, send email to Over time, UJP Activist will become larger and UJP Discuss will probably still reach hundreds of activists, but not quite as many.   UJP Activist will continue to receive only messages approved by UJP based on stated criteria (currently which result in 3-5 messages a week.   UJP Discuss welcomes new members who are connected to the peace and justice movement in the Greater Boston area.

Policies for use of the UJP-Discuss email list

  • DO Express your opinions respectfully
  • DO Post announcements of interest to the UJP community
  • DO Quickly announce your events without waiting for a formal email to ujp-activist
  • DO Discuss issues and ideas
  • DO Post occasional articles of general interest
  • DO NOT Make personal attacks
  • DO NOT Use racial or ethnic epithets
  • DO NOT Promote projects counter to UJP's principles (
  • DO NOT Post more often than once a day on the list. Under unusual circumstances, this rule may be temporarily suspended. If you feel that circumstances warrant this, contact the UJP Online Organizing Committee ("OOC") to request that this rule be suspended. DO NOT post more than once per day until after the list moderators have determined that it will be permitted.


  • Nobody has an inalienable right to be a member of the ujp-discuss list. The purpose of the list, as stated in the initial list email is to "provide a forum for sharing and discussing ideas and plans within the UJP community."  Individuals who do not consider themselves part of the UJP community or who do not want to be bound by the policies of the list, should remove themselves from the list or ask to be removed.
  • The list is controlled of UJP OOC. Emails you send to the list will go through to the list without prior approval. However, the OOC will monitor the messages on the list to ensure that the policies for use of the list are followed and that the volume of email does not become excessive.
  • If the OOC determines that somebody has violated the policies, that individual will be notified. Continued violation of the policies as determined by the OOC will result in removal from the list. Individuals who have been removed from the list may be reinstated at the discretion of the OOC.
  • On rare occasions the entire list may be put on moderation (nothing gets posted to the list until it has been reviewed by the list moderators) for a brief cooling-off period.

Contact the OOC at or call 617-383-4857.

UJP Online Organizing Committee