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Building Sustainable Security

When: Saturday, November 21, 2015, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Where: Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall • 1585 Massachusetts Ave. • Cambridge

A One-Day Conference 

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Confirmed Speakers

Noam Chomsky.160x200

Noam Chomsky
MIT Institute Professor, author, Because We Say So

Michael McPhearson

Michael McPhearson
Executive Director, Veterans For Peace

Harris Gruman

Harris Gruman
Co-Chair, RaiseUp Massachusetts; SEIU

Carl Williams

Carl Williams
American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts


Cassandra Bensahih
Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA)

Barbara Madeloni

Barbara Madeloni
President, Masachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)

Chung-Wha Hong

Chung-Wha Hong
Executive Director
Grassroots International

Susan Redlich

Susan Redlich
350 Massachusetts divestment core team

Jamie Eldridge.160x200

Jamie Eldridge
State Senator

Will Hopkins

Will Hopkins
New Hampshire Peace Action

In the name of national security, our coun­try's policies  are caus­ing multiple, sys­temic cri­ses.  These include cli­mate ca­tas­trophe, ex­treme inequality, con­stant wars, deep-seated racism, mass incar­ceration, and a militarized cul­ture.

Only large social movements can remove these barriers to genuine security and construct a society based on Sustainable Security.

This conference will explore three pillars of sustainable national and world security:

  • A fairly-shared global prosperity based on economic, social, and racial justice
  • Emergency action to address climate change and build a new, fossil-fuel-free energy system
  • A Foreign Policy for All based on even-handed diplomacy, ending our disastrous military interventions, abolition of nuclear weapons, and reclaiming war resources for the urgent needs that face our world

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Join Us! in this effort to strategize, collaborate and mobilize for effective action together.  



Conference Program (subject to change)

8:30 am   Registration, Coffee, Literature Tables

9:30 am    Social Movements for Sustainable Security

Harris Gruman Co-chair, RaiseUp Massachusetts; Executive Director, SEIU Massachusetts State Council

Carl Williams Staff attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts

Susan Redlich 350 Massachusetts, divestment core team 

Cassandra Bensahih Jobs Not Jails; Co-Director, Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement (EPOCA) 

Barbara Madeloni President, Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)

10:40 am  Sustainable Security and Peace

Noam Chomsky Institute Professor Emeritus, MIT

Michael McPhearson Executive Director, Veterans For Peace

11:30 am International Workshops See full workshop descriptions

Storm in the Middle East: Iran Deal, ISIS War, Syria, Yemen

Ukraine and a New Cold War with Russia?

New Initiatives toward Nuclear Disarmament

Security vs. the National Security State -- Technology, Privacy and the NSA

Links Between US Foreign Policy, Inequality, and Climate Change

The U.S. & China: Dangers & Alternatives to Military & Economic Containment

Climate Crisis: The Road Through Paris

From despair to empowerment--an experiential workshop

1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Struggling for Sustainable Security: Connecting the Movements

The People’s Budget: Jamie Eldridge, Massachusetts State Senator

Building Movements with Global Connections: Chung-Wha Hong, Executive Director, Grassroots International

Impacting Elections: Bird-Dogging the Presidential Candidates.   Roleplay : Will Hopkins Executive Director, New Hampshire Peace Action  

3:15 pm Domestic Workshops Tentative topics

A Green Economy for Massachusetts

Black Lives Matter

Alternatives to Violence, At Home and Abroad

Jobs Not Jails

Building Shared Prosperity in the Commonwealth with the Fair Share Amendment

Build Housing, Not Bombs

Governing Under the Influence: Bringing our issues into the 2016 election

Let's Talk about War

Building Movements with Lessons from Global Connections


4:45 pm  Networking Reception

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More information  

Registration and coffee 8:30 am - Program Begins 9:30 am. Program ends 4:30 pm, followed by Networking Reception.

Members $25 • Non-Members $35  • Students/Low Income $10  • Lunch Included.  Register Now

Student Recorders Needed to take notes in workshops.  They will receive a small stipend and free registration.  Sign up here

Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action.  Contact:, 617-354-2169, for information.  

Co-sponsored by American Friends Service Committee, Berkshire Citizens for Peace & Justice, Boston Democratic Socialists of America, Boston for Bernie, Chelsea Collaborative, Clean Water Action, Co-op Power, Global Zero Boston, Grassroots International, Homes for Families, House of Peace - Ipswich, Hub Public Banking, Massachusetts Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace, Boston Council, National Priorities Project, North Shore Coalition for Peace & Justice, Peace and Social Concerns committee at Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Quaker) Progressive Democrats of America, United for a Fair Economy, United for Justice with Peace, Veterans for Peace - Samantha Smith, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - Boston Branch (list in formation).  Can your organization Co-Sponsor the conference?   Click here for details and to sign on.

Read more about Sustainable Security. 

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