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Posting Content to the UJP Website

Any member of the site can post content.   To join the site, click on "Create New Account" under "User Login".   Choose a username and provide your email address.  The site administrator will email your password to your email address, and this may take several hours.   You must log in in order to post.

UJP reserves the right to edit material for style, to remove defamatory material, or to remove material inconsistent with UJP's Principles.

Click Post in the upper right, then the type of article you want to post.

Submit Events to the calendar.  They may include meetings, demonstrations, lectures, or vigils.   Events sponsored or endorsed by UJP or UJP member groups are appropriate, as are events of interest to activists working on UJP campaign areas even if not endorsed by us.    Read more about posting events.

Use a Blog to post your signed articles -- whether your personal reflections or thoughts, news updates, or analysis and comment.     Each member of the site has their own blog

A Story is a cross-posted article which appeared on another website.  It may contain text and photos.   After you post a Story or Blog, to make it easy to find, ask the Content Moderator who works on your campaign to associate the item with a menu.   Articles are organized by topical area and site visitors can post comments on them.

Use the Forum to discuss ideas with other peace advocates.   Post a new topic or comment on an exiting one.

Post Images to contribute them to UJP's photo gallery.

Post Suggestions to give feedback to the Online Organizing Committee on how the site can be improvede.

For all types of articles, select one or more Campaigns to mark the topic of your post.   Site visitors interested in a Campaign can quickly find all the articles about their topic of interest.    Also select a Community if your article is about a particular town, or to show its location if it's an event.

The title of your post should be no more than 9 words long and should not contain capitalized words, except acronyms.  

The body of your post can include rich text editing, i.e. font size and type, images, tables, etc.  The text editor is powerful but takes getting used to, so spend time experimenting with it.    Here are some hints:

  • When pasting text from Word, use the paste icon with a W on it (see right), otherwise your markup is likely to get messed up.  
  • Consider pasting just the plain text using the paste icon with T; then, add the formatting you want in the rich text editor.  
  • If all else fails, you can control your formatting by fixing up the HTML directly.   Select "Switch to plain text editor".

Another formatting issue occurs because only a subset of HTML tags are allowed for most posts.   If you paste in elaborately formatted material from Word or elsewhere, some of the tags may be disregarded.   This is a security measure, since anyone who is allowed to create an account can post on the site.   If your formatting is less impressive than the original because of this issue, select Full HTML under Input format, or contact an administrator and ask them to do it, if you don't have the privilege.   If you are pasting from Word, use the special Paste-from-Word icon that has a W.

Each post you create gets a URL, which will be, where NNN is a different number each time.   You can also give your page a name which is easier to remember, such as; to do this, enter "my-topic" in the URL path settings blank.

To attach files such as Word or PDF documents to your post, click on File Attachment near the bottom.

UJP reserves the right to edit material for style, to remove defamatory material, or for any other reason.