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Dear UJP peace and justice community,    

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The call for peace and justice work is increasingly urgent.  2019 brought a continuous stream of international problems, conflicts and ongoing wars, many of them caused or abetted by the US and the Trump administration.  UJP provided educational programming for some of the most difficult, perplexing and alarming issues.  We also sustain a considerable peace network through our listserves and website.    And, again we ask for your help and donation so that we may sustain our work.

UJP looks forward to participating in the national spring 2020 campaign to expose and oppose the increasing use of economic sanctions and economic pressure as a brutal weapon of war.  The purpose is often the same, destabilization and regime change.  This campaign will connect many different issue groups as there are some 39 countries under US sanctions.  It is important to see the global reach of US strategy for hegemony, primarily targeting China and Russia.



  • The Raytheon Campaign sponsored several actions about how US sales of Raytheon manufactured military equipment to Saudi Arabia is used against Yemen and its people amidst a humanitarian disaster.  Raytheon's headquarters is in Massachusetts.
  • ​UJP, as a member of the Venezuela Solidarity Committee, cosponsored several programs including delegation reportbacks with balanced education about Venezuela and ongoing US aggression.  We joined the national effort to defend the Venezuela Embassy Defenders facing significant fines and jail time.
  • UJP participates in solidarity actions that support popular uprisings and oppose all US interventions.  For example,  UJP cosponsored and spoke at the protest of the coup in Bolivia in November.
  • UJP sponsored the community program held at Friends Meeting of Cambridge about the crisis in Hong Kong, countering many mainstream media myths.  At the Massachusetts Peace Action conference, UJP presented on a panel about great power competition, focusing on China’s role in the changing global dynamic.
  • The UJP Anti-Drones group organized a well-attended forum at MIT about the Pentagon’s advanced and hidden weaponry programs and exposed that 2/3 of the US government discretionary budget goes to weapons and war.  A video of this panel is available for public showing.
  • The Tax Day demonstration called for cutting the military budget and funding social programs.
  • UJP, a member of the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, helped organize the successful fundraising walk for the Palestinian refugee camp Aida, and the program marking the Great March of Return.  We are also part of the New England Network for Justice in Palestine (NENJP).
  • The national network United for Justice with Peace (UFPJ) works on abolishing nuclear weapons and sponsored several webinars on Korea and other issues.
  • During the course of the year, local community groups sponsored numerous standouts for peace

UJP has maintained a nearly 20-year network of broad contacts among different individuals and organizations focusing on peace and justice issues.  This helps us continue to organize educational programs and solidarity activism, as well as maintain the website, a Facebook page, and  UJPDiscuss which is an active email announcement and forum listserv.

UJP is an all volunteer organization and we are very grateful for the commitment people have shown over the years.  We want to hear your ideas about 2020 work (  If you prefer to write a check, make it out to United for Justice with Peace and send to 2161 Mass. Ave, Cambridge MA 02140.

 Please donate now!  

Dec. 2019


UJP Affiliated and network groups:  

AFSC-New England

Massachusetts Peace Action

Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)

Newton Dialogues on Peace and War

Arlington United for Justice with Peace

Cambridge United for Justice with Peace

Dorchester People for Peace

Watertown Citizens for Peace and the Environment

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – Boston

Veterans for Peace, Smedley brigade

Metro-West Peace Action

North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice

Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine

Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Raytheon Campaign/ Yemen

Anti-Drones Network of Eastern Massachusetts


National peace groups

-- United for Peace and Justice

-- United National Antiwar Coalition




-- US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

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