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Organize for Dec. 2 hearing: Massachusetts Safe Communities Act

Safe Communities Coalition

Dear Safe Communities Coalition members, SCA endorsers and supporters:

We’re getting very close to the hearing date. Have you RSVPd yet? If not, please do it now! We need hundreds of advocates at the State House all day, to send a strong message that the Safe Communities Act has overwhelming support across our Commonwealth.


To those of you who contributed to our SCA Advocate Support Fund, to help pay for buses, T-shirts and other expenses, THANK YOU! We’ve raised just over $800 towards our $2,500 goal. Want to pitch in?23e1299f-9889-4ad0-af4a-dc172847e666.png Go to

With just two and a half weeks till Dec. 2, we need a torrent of activity to alert SCA supporters to the hearing, educate and mobilize new supporters, and flood legislators with calls, emails and in-person requests to make the Safe Communities Act a top priority. Can we count on you to:

• Call or email your legislators, and urge everyone in your networks to do the same (even if you’ve done it already, a quick extra call always helps; find your legislators here.

• Share at least 3 social-media posts promoting our Phone2Action campaign; you can find shareable slides for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and sample posts, in our Toolkit.

• Send a letter to the editor to your local newspaper; we’ve got 3 sample letters you can personalize, or write your own, drawing on our talking points.

But most important… join us on Dec. 2! This is our biggest mobilization to date, and it has to be huge. Immigrants, children of immigrants, friends, neighbors, employers, community advocates – we need you ALL. You can find 8.5x11” flyers and mini-flyers in our Toolkit. And of course... please share this email with your networks.

Keep up the great work!

On behalf of the SCA Steering Committee,

Amy Grunder
Director of State Policy and Legislative Affairs
MIRA Coalition

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