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We want peace: Stop the Killings in Colombia!

When: Friday, September 27, 2019, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Where: Colombian Consulate in Boston • 31 St. James Avenue • #960 • Boston

In 2016, Colombia signed the Peace Accord to end a decades old civil war.  However, over 730 human rights defenders and social leaders have been murdered since the implementation of the Accord.  They are being killed at a rate of one victim every 30 hours.  The assassins are military and paramilitary trooops that act with impunity.  The Colombian government has launched many campaigns to change the image of the country and present it as a safe and fun place for all the family, indeed, a tourist paradise.  That is alie, given that Colombia is suffering from a devastating human rights crisis.  We have two simple and sincere demands:

1) An end to the genocide against the social movements and the rural, indigenous and Afro-Colombia communities;

2) Fulfillment of the government's obligations with respect to the Peace Accord.

Therefore, on September 27 at Colombia embassies, consulates, and offices of tourism, we will observe the International Day of Tourism with international demands for Peace in Colombia.

Our message is: Colombia will not be safe for tourism, neither for the Colombian people, until the right-wing violence against the peace is terminated and Colombia becomes a land at peace.

vigil at the Colombian Consulate in Boston: https://www.facebook/com/events/978070439220357/

sponsors: Colombianos por la Paz, Boston May Day Coalition, Coalition for Peace in Colombia, Greater Boston Chapter - Green Rainbow Party, Boston Venezuela Solidarity Committe

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