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Dear UJP peace and justice community,    
The times are challenging!  There are rising tensions between the US and both Russia and China, threats of conflict with Iran and Venezuela, ongoing wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and an immigration crisis largely the making of US policy.  White supremacy is on the rise in the racist Trump presidency and police violence towards people of color continues unabated.  On the other hand, there are hopes for peace in Korea, possible end to the war in Syria and pressure to deescalate the US-backed war in Yemen.  UJP is needed more than ever as the long-term peace and justice coalition of Eastern Massachusetts.  We ask for your support so that we may continue our work. Some highlights of our work in 2018:

Working with Code Pink/Medea Benjamin: UJP cosponsored two visits to Boston by Medea, one promoting her book on Iran and the second to help launch the campaign to stop the US-Saudi war in Yemen.

International Campaign Against US and NATO bases: UJP joined the broad international coalition which held a major conference in Dublin.  We look forward to the Spring 2019 rally in Washington when NATO meets to “celebrate” its 70th anniversary.

Palestinian Rights: UJP is part of a new Palestinian activist-led organization, called the Boston Palestine Solidarity Network.  Activities included the rally supporting the Great March of Return, the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine and Ilan Pappe's tour.

No sanctions or war on Venezuela: UJP is active in the Venezuela Solidarity Committee of Boston.

Peace in Asia -- UJP cosponsored two discussions on US-China relations and supports the Korea Peace Network.

Eastern Massachusetts No Drones Network -- the Pentagon keeps expanding the drones program; we organized a rally at MIT exposing the university's complicity and sponsored film showings about the devastating consequences of drone warfare.

War at home -- UJP supported the Poor People's Campaign and the People's Budget.

Member groups:  AFSC, Mass. Peace Action, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Cambridge UJP, Arlington UJP, Newton Dialogues, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment, and others -- now including the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts!   We maintain a website and substantial network of activists.  UJP also holds a seat on the UFPJ national steering committee. 

We are all volunteers and ever grateful for the commitment people have made over the past 17 years.  We want to hear your ideas about 2019 work and we hope you return the enclosed envelope with a generous contribution to "United for Justice with Peace."

With much appreciation, UJP planning group, 617 383 4857,

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Dec. 2018

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