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Boston Armistice Day Parade - November 11

Dear UJP,

The local chapter of Veterans for Peace, "The Smedley D. Butler Brigade", invites you to join them at the back of the "official" City of Boston "Veterans Day Parade" for an "Armistice Day Parade". The name of the holiday was renamed in 1954 and has come to be associated more with conspicuous "patriotic" displays of military hardware and jingoist speeches about "warriors"  than as a day to reflect upon the horrors of modern war. 
Veterans for Peace would like to encourage a return to the original name of the holiday to encourage people to think of peace as a desirable goal. They are asking non-veterans as well as veterans to join them in a somber celebration of the 100th Armistice Day.  Details of the parade are below.
November 11th, 2018 12:00 noon - Boston Armistice Day Parade
At: the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets, Boston
You are invited to join us for our Boston Armistice Day parade.
To sign up, or for more information, please contact: Dr. Paul Atwood
Armistice Day legislation calls for US citizens to reflect on the horror of war.   It calls upon faith communities to ring bells, each year, to rededicate our country to the cause of world peace.
Veterans For Peace, in Boston, relegated to the “back of the parade” for many years, is calling out to all those who do the work of peacemaking, to march with us on this, the 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF ARMISTICE DAY.  We want to honor YOU IN OUR WORK TOGETHER.
Smedley D. Butler Brigade, Veterans For Peace Chapter 9, Boston, MA (
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