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UFPJ: Global Campaign against US/NATO Military Bases

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First International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases
November 16-18, 2018, Dublin, Ireland

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As a Friend of Peace Around the World, you know how the threat of war permeates the present global atmosphere.

The increasingly aggressive and expansionist actions of US/NATO forces in violation of international law and the sovereign rights of all nations, the raging wars in the Middle East, the expansive militarization of the African continent via AFRICOM, the burgeoning arms race devastating national treasuries, the bellicose language replacing diplomacy, the economic crises facing country after country, and the destruction of the global environment through war and unfettered exploitation, and their impact on public health, have all created crises that, unless checked by popular opposition, can lead to unimaginable catastrophe and war.

The International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases in Dublin is the first of its kind, bringing together a diverse range of organizations from more than 40 countries.

Complete information about the Conference is available here.

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