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UFPJ/ CODE PINK: How colleges and universities are divesting from the military machine

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Dear Duncan,  


With the end of summer upon us, 16 million students in the U.S. have headed off to campus to begin their fall semester of college. As colleges and universities welcome their students, we’re asking the question: how many institutions are using our tuition dollars to prop up war and weapons?

The answer, of course, is far too many. In fact, most of our colleges and universities use tuition dollars and alumni donations to invest in the companies behind the bomb that recently killed 40 Yemeni children on a bus, the drones used to indiscriminately kill in Gaza, and “social services” given to immigrants and refugees on the U.S.-Mexico border. It’s time to get organized on campus and demand that education dollars be invested in robust solutions for a peaceful future, not in killing other students around the world.

Will you join us in working to divest our universities & colleges? Take the first step and sign up here to get more information about how to get your university or college divested from war.

Campus campaigns are winnable, and can have great returns for both moral and financial reasons. For example, Hampshire College in Massachusetts famously divested completely from weapons manufacturers, fossil fuels and private prisons, and now its investments are doing better than before1— proof that the so-called “sin stocks” are far from the only reliable investment choice!

As a part of the Divest from the War Machine campaign, we’re working all across the U.S. to divest colleges and universities from the war machine, and to encourage them to adopt socially-responsible investment policies. Sign up today, and CODEPINK will send you a Campus Campaign Guide, with all the details you need to win a university or college divestment campaign! From sample letters to ideas for actions, the guide will give you step-by-step campaign instructions for moving your tuition dollars out of weapons and war.

Students are critical drivers of large-scale social change, especially in divestment campaigns – from apartheid in South Africa to fossil fuels today, colleges and universities lead the way in putting their money where their values are. It’s time to bring this strength to bear on the military-industrial complex, and #divest from the war machine on campuses across the nation.

Whether you’re heading back to campus yourself, or want to see your alma mater take its money out of war and weapons, we’re here to help you start or join a #divest campaign. Email for direct support.

United for Peace & Justice fully supports the Divest from the War Machine campaign and asks for your support in stopping those who are making a killing on killing and stealing our future!

UFPJ Coordinating Committee



1 Hampshire College’s Mission-Based Endowment Investing    

Divest from War Machine

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