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Film Screening: The Occupation of the American Mind

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Where: Bemis Hall • 15 Bedford Road • Lincoln



The GRALTA Foundation announces the screening of The
Occupation of the American Mind, a 2016 documentary
produced by the Media Education Foundation in 
Northampton, MA. The film The Occupation of the American Mind is narrated by Pink Floyd founder andhuman rights activist Roger Waters.

The film is about 80 minutes long, permitting time for 
discussion. As usual, there's no charge and we'll serve some
light refreshments.

The trailer is here:

The film's website is here:

Among the more than 30 killed in Gaza in the past two+ weeks was
Yasser Murtaja, a 30-year old photojournalist. He was wearing a
vest clearly marked PRESS and holding a camera when he was shot
long range by a sharpshooter. One of the few places that story
appeared or was heard was in this NY Times editorial:\

Not reported in that editorial was that Murtaja co-founded 
his company (Ain Media), which had just been awarded a US AID

The Occupation of the American Mind focuses on how 
Israel-Palestine media coverage has both restricted and distorted
our knowledge of the region. I hope you can join us

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