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Rally for Peace in Korea

When: Thursday, March 15, 2018, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Where: South Station • Boston
  • The recent Olympics offered a unique moment to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula and avoid a cataclysmic war.

  • We saw North Koreans and South Koreans marching together in the opening ceremony

  • During the Olympics we saw the first high-level discussions between North and South Korea in many years

  • The People of the world saw the United States suspend joint military exercises and North Korea suspend nuclear weapons and missile tests

The Olympic Truce (called by the U.N. to last from Feb. 2 to March 25) opened up the opportunity for future discussions that could eventually lead to peace.

We must give this small opening toward peace the opportunity to grow and to prevent a catastrophic war

Say YES to the ongoing efforts by South and North Korea to restore a peace process.

Say NO to war with North Korea 

We urge our government to end the march toward war and to support the continuation of the talks between North and South Korea.

 As the Winter Olympics come to an end,

Continue the Olympic Truce in Korea

Continue talks between North and South Korea

Do Not Resume U.S. military exercises in Korea

Sponsored by Veterans for Peace-Smedley Butler Brigade – Mass. Peace Action – American Friends Service Committee – United for Justice with Peace – Womens International League for Peace and Freedom

For Information call 617-354-2169

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