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Say No to Cluster Bombs - Protest Textron! (CORRECTED)

Say No To Cluster Bombs made by Textron

Say No To the U.S.-Saudi War in Yemen

Join Us July 6: Tell Textron to Stop making Cluster Bombs in Massachusetts


Wednesday July 6

4pm to 6pm

Textron’s plant in Wilmington, Mass. @ 201 Lowell Street

(Use Caution in parking around the area. Some cars will be leaving at 3pm from Cambridge. Call 617-354-2169 to arrange a ride via carpools)


While attention is focused on the terrible war in Syria, Saudi Arabia continues its vicious war in Yemen – with the collaboration of the U.S. and U.S. weapons manufacturers. The U.S. provides Saudi Arabia with the intelligence, targeting and political cover that makes the was possible. Amnesty International and other human rights groups report “a pattern of horrific human rights abuses and war crimes committed throughout Yemen by the Kingdom’s forces and its allies”. The result is a humanitarian catastrophe for the people of Yemen.

Cluster bombs made by the Textron company are a particularly vicious weapon being used in Yemen. They are banned by an international treaty signed by most countries. Cluster bombs release hundreds of pellet-filled bomblets shooting over wide areas and often hitting nearby civilians. Cluster bombs also leave dangerous bomblets behind that do not explode from initial impact and act as landmines often killing or maiming innocent civilians. Human Rights Watch reports: “The coalition’s repeated use of cluster bombs in the middle of a crowded city suggests an intent to harm civilians, which is a war crime.”

Join us at Textron in Wilmington on July 6 to demand that the company stop producing these hideous weapons

Also please call Senators Warren and Markey and urge them to take leadership in the Senate to end cluster bomb sales to Saudi Arabia:

Senator Elizabeth Warren 202-224-4543

Senator Edward Markey 202-224-2742


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