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Where is the Outrage? Palestinians under Siege from GAZA to HEBRON

When: Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday,  May  May 11 , 7:00 pm
Where: Friends Meeting at Cambridge 5 Longfellow Park,  Cambridge
( a 10 minute walk from Harvard Square)


  • ISSA AMRO Founder and director of  Youth  Against Settlements in Hebron in the West Bank
  • NANCY MURRAY Activist and co-founder of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation who recently returned from the Gaza Strip


ISSA AMRO  has led the non-violent popular struggle against the suffocation of the old part of the  West Bank city of Hebron by Israeli soliders and settlers.  In the process he has been kidnapped, arrested dozens of times,  had his bones broken and lived under constant threats.   Hebron has been under siege since 1994 when an  American-born settler,  Baruch Goldstein,  massacred 29 Muslims as they prayed in the Ibrahimi Mosque.

NANCY MURRAY ,  who has visited the Gaza Strip more than a dozen times since her first trip in 1988,  recently participated in a  ‘Mental Health and Human Rights’ conference in Gaza City organized by the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. She will describe what life is like there after 3 Israeli military onslaughts in 6 years and a decade-long siege that has turned Gaza into an open air prison.

Sponsored by: The Peace & Social Concerns Committee of Friends Meeting at Cambridge,   Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, Gaza Mental Health Foundation,   Jewish Voice for Peace - Boston,  United for Justice with Peace.

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