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Shut Pilgrim Speakout

When: Thursday, October 22, 2015, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Where: Boston State House • 24 Beacon Street • Grand Staircase • Boston

Entergy Nuclear Corporation recently announced they plan to close Pilgrim in 2019.  The real Entergy narrative is not 'Pilgrim nuclear will be shut by mid-2019" but the fact it will continue to operate a degraded and dangerous nuclear reactor for profit for four more years.
The primary issue surrounding Pilgrim is neither energy nor economics:  It is public safety. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has rated Pilgrim as one of the worst operating reactors in the country, continuously downgrading the reactor for years.  We are now in a critical battle between money and profit over public safety, accountability, and unacceptable risks. Pilgrim needs to be closed now, not in 2019.
Come help us fill the State House at the Grand Staircase Hall!  Bring your friends and neighbors.  Speakers from across the state, from legislators to students, will call for closing Pilgrim as a line up of 20+ speakers share their concerns. 

When we stand together, we stand strong. Come to Boston on October 22.
Close Pilgrim NOW!


 ARRIVE EARLY, you must go through security and it takes time.  Grand Staircase - 2nd FLOOR, INSIDE The MA State House.  Do Not Bring Protest Signs - Signs will be provided inside 

GUEST SPEAKERS TO INCLUDE SENATOR DAN WOLF & Physicians for Social Responsibility * Pilgrim Watch * MA Legislators * Pilgrim Coalition * Citizens Awareness Network * MA Peace Action * Cape Downwinders * Concerned Neighbors of Pilgrim * Sierra Club * Clean Water Action * Association to Preserve Cape Cod * MIT * Boston Downwinders * No More Fukushimas * Nauset High School * Toxics Action * Cape Cod National Seashore * On Behalf of Planet Earth 


Music by Ann Goodwin Poetry by Susan Carpenter 

CONTACT: Diane Turco 508-776-3132 

Arlene Williamson 845-283-2880

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