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A New Day? Organizing to Change US Policy on Israel and Palestine

When: Saturday, November 14, 2015, 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Where: Harvard University - Jefferson Laboratory 250 • 17 Oxford St • Cambridge

Rami Khouri, MJ Rosenberg, and Nadia Ben-YoussefA Half-Day Conference

Confirmed Speakers

Rami Khouri, a Palestinian-Jordanian and a U.S. citizen, is attached to Middle East research centers in Beirut and Cambridge, Mass., and is editor at large of the Beirut-based Daily Star.

MJ Rosenberg, after thirty-five years in government and four years at AIPAC, has become a champion of Israeli-Palestinian peace and a vocal opponent of the right-wing “pro-Israel” lobby.

Nadia Ben-Youssef, US Representative for Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. A lawyer and human rights worker, for four years advocated for the rights of Palestinian Bedouins in southern Israel, and is now working for a human-rights-based approach in U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine.

Waves of violence and reprisals, demolitions and detentions, religious incitement and “extrajudicial executions” are once again the norm in occupied Palestine, even as Israel’s Prime Minister comes to the White House in November to collect billions more in US military aid.  For a time, this horrible pattern was seemingly about to change.  Is change still possible?  

The conference will bring together activists from local organizations and movements to ask:

  • What is the current state of US politics and policy regarding Israel-Palestine?
  • What new opportunities arise from the growing partisan divide on the issue?
  • What lessons, if any, are there from the struggle against South African Apartheid?
  • How can we organize more consistently and effectively to pressure our elected representatives?

The meeting as a whole will assess political strategy including the roles played by Senators Warren and Markey and the presidential candidates. Breakout groups based on Congressional districts will be chaired by leaders who will outline advocacy experience so far and the member’s voting record.  The conference will establish the organizational basis and mechanisms for more effective work with our Members of Congress.

We invite all those interested in Palestine/Israel/peace issues to join together in organizing common efforts  to challenge US government policy.  In addition to other important campaigns--such as direct solidarity, BDS and public education--we need a simultaneous campaign to contest reigning US government policies, which enable Israeli occupation, oppression and military aggression.

Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action - Palestine/Israel Working Group.

Cosponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace - Boston, United for Justice with Peace, Arlington UJP, Greater Boston Code Pink, Friends of Sabeel North America - New England Chapter, Dorchester People for Peace, Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment, North Shore Coalition for Peace & Justice, Tree of Life Educational Fund, Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine, Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East - Massachusetts chapter, Palestine Israel Task Team of First Church in Cambridge, Congregational, UCC, Cambridge Bethlehem People to People Project, Grassroots International, Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee, Merrimack Valley People for Peace, Harvard Kennedy School Palestine Caucus (list in formation).

RegisterButton300Sign up to attend.  $5 donation requested / No one turned away.

NOTE that the event location has changed from William James Hall to Jefferson Laboratory.

For information contact or call 617-354-2169 

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