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China's Migrant Workers: humanity's greatest migration?

When: Thursday, March 12, 2015, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Where: Center for Marxist Education • 550 Mass. Ave. • Central Square • Cambridge


China Discussion Group
China's Migrant Workers

Thursday, March 12th - 7pm

Center for Marxist Education, 550 Mass. Ave., Central Square, Cambridge

A Presentation and Discussion led by Luo Xiaoping

Assistant professor, Zhejiang Ocean University, China

Over the past 30 years, around 300 million men and women have moved from China's farms to its factories, industrial plants and construction sites, in one of humanity's greatest migrations. Luo Xiaoping, a graduate of the Academy of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and currently a visiting scholar at Boston University, and herself a child of farmers, will examine this phenomenon, some of the extraordinary challenges that have accompanied it, and efforts to address them.

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