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Jeju Island: The Wind is Blowing. Film and Discussion

When: Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Where: Friends Meeting House • 5 Longfellow Place • Cambridge

JeJu Island: South Korean activists to speak and show film "Gureombi -- The Wind is Blowing" on struggle to oppose US militarism

Two young Koreans active in the campaign to stop the construction of the  huge new naval base are touring to provide information and build support.  The new base will serve both South Korean and US warships such as guided missile destroyers and aircraft carriers. The base is key element of the "pivot" strategy to expand US military presence in Asia/Pacific.  A principal US goal is to contain rising Chinese power.  Construction is also damaging a pristine marine environment.  Korean peace, environmental and religious activists have built a major grassroots campaign and seek international support.

Hee Eun "Silver Park" has been active in the Gangjeong Village Peace School, Save Our Seas team, and inter-island solidarity for peace.

Paco Michelson is a radical reconciler with a small Korea-founded community network The Frontiers, and is active is arts and media work.

The Gureombi Rocks of Jeju Island are a unique land formation of boulders made from lava. This film shows the desperate struggle of Jeju Island residents to prevent a naval base from being built nearby and destroying the beautiful scenery of the World Natural Heritage site. 

Cosponsored by: American Friends Service Committee, United for Justice with Peace

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