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Fasting in solidarity with Guantanamo hunger strikers

I have been fasting in solidarity with the hunger strikers at the detention center at Guantanamo every Friday since April 25, along with at least 47 others around the country.  Witness Against Torture in Washington is organizing the fast.  

We are appalled that, in this country which supposedly respects the rule of law, people can languish in prison for over a decade without being charged or tried.  Even many of the 78 prisoners who have been officially "cleared for release" have spent years in detention since then.

Many of the prisoners in Guantanamo are participating in a hunger strike and being force fed, which is a form of torture.  The World Medical Association, in its Declaration of Malta on Hunger Strikers, states that "Forcible feeding (of mentally competent hunger strikers) is never ethically acceptable."  

Our government claims to be force-feeding the prisoners for their own good, so that they won't die.  But if they care about them, why not give them a trial or simply release those that have been cleared for release?

In July, a nurse at Guantanamo refused his orders to force feed a detainee.  We applaud his stand and hope that other staff at the facility will be inspired to join him.

I will continue to wear an orange jumpsuit and fast on Fridays until Guantanamo is closed.

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