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Global Climate Convergence

When: Friday, September 19, 2014, 2:00 pm to Saturday, September 20, 2014, 4:00 pm
Where: New York City

NYC Climate Convergence

for People, Planet and Peace over Profit

NYC Sept. 19-21*


Come to a conference, skill share, and festival rolled into one!

Mobilize for system change to prevent catastrophic climate change!

Demand an end to fossil fuels by 2030

And tens of millions of living-wage jobs! 

The UN and world leaders have been debating what to do about climate change for two decades - and gotten nowhere. Their solutions have only gotten fuzzier as the science and impact of climate change have become clearer. Now theyre coming to New York and its time for our voices to be heard! Join us as we debate and discuss real alternatives that challenge the system, rather than accept it.

We are told that technology, market mechanisms, or individual lifestyle changes are what will save the planet. They will not. Because they are all solutions that accommodate the system, not challenge it.

The root of the problem is an economic system that exploits people and the planet for profit. It is a system that requires constant growth, exploitation, warfare, racism, poverty and ever-increasing ecological devastation to function.

What will it take to change things? A mass movement for ecological and social justice that combines all our forces against a system that poisons our land, our water and the air we breath.

Come to a weekend of politics and movement building, where real solutions are discussed and action plans are developed. A weekend full of workshops, panels, music and community building. A conference that puts the politics we need into the fight against climate catastrophe.  

   Millions of fossil-fuel free, living-wage jobs

   A new energy, food, transit and sanitation system

   Tax the rich to pay for it

   An emergency transition to a new kind of economy

  And lots more!

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