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Boston Venezuela Support Rally 3/22/2014

Boston, Mass.-March 22, 2014:

A spirited rally of about 75-100 people gathered on Boston Common today in support of the Venezuela Bolivarian socialist revolution started by the late Hugo Chavez and his successor President Maduro. Here are links to photos/video I took at the rally:



peace and freedom, Michael Borkson

(from the Boston Bolivarians event announcement)

The Bolivarian Revolution and the Legacy of Hugo Chavez are under attack. Since Feb. 12 a fascist opposition supported and encouraged by U.S. imperialism has launched a violent terror campaign designed to topple the legitimate, democratically elected Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro. They are waging a well-financed disinformation

campaign of lies through mainstream and social media. Their objectives are to dismantle years of progress in health, education, workers' rights, equality and more. The Bolivarian Revolution is a beacon of hope, progress and solidarity for the entire region and worldwide. It is rooted deep within the hearts of the people who are now rallying to defend their revolution. March 5th marked the one year anniversary of the painful loss of President Hugo Chavez. Let's show that Boston is prepared to defend his legacy, to stand with the people of Venezuela, with President Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution!

Boston Bolivarians, 617-819 HUGO (4846), Twitter:bbolivarians

Email: BostonBolivarian(no spam)

If you have Facebook, please use this link to see details about the Rally in BOSTON on Saturday March 22 at 1:00 pm. 

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