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Vigil in Support of the People of Fukushima

When: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 5:15 am to 6:15 am
Where: Japanese Consulate • Atlantic Ave and Summer Street • South Station T • Boston

Dear friends,

You could really make a big difference in the lives of the ordinary people of Japan, people like you and us, who have been suffering immeasurably for three years from Fukushima. SIMPLY BY SHOWING UP. 

The Japanese people have asked people worldwide to stand in solidarity with them on the third anniversary of Fukushima.  The exact anniversary date is March 11, 2011, and there are events all over the world throughout the week, starting on March 9 in many places in  Europe. 

On Thursday, March 13, here in Boston, we will be standing at the Japanese Consulate in solidarity with the people of Japan. We ask you to join usthis one single morning, to get up really early, dress very warmly and come and stand for one hour on a very cold (most likely) corner, hold a banner, make your own sign, tweet, livestream, donate money to help pay for our new banners for this event and ongoing and to copy these letters and hand them out that day, bring a friend or two, bring your children, bring your grandchildren, write a letter to the Prime Minister of Japan - Shinzo Abe -  and the Japanese Consul General here in Boston - Akira Muto -  (one letter addressed to both). Each person will read aloud to the Consul General their letter that morning before they get sent off to Abe in Tokyo by the Consul General.  If you are going to write and read your letter, you must include your name and full address.

The vigil is 8:15AM - 9:15AM, at the corner of Atlantic Ave and Summer Street, in front of the Federal Reserve Bldg at South Station (take the red line or commuter rail). The Japanese Consulate is on the 22nd floor. We will be outside the building.

Don't you want to tell your children, grandchildren and all the children of the world that you did everything you possibly could to stop the global tragedy, catastrophe and nightmare of Fukushima.?

Please, email and/or call with any questions.

Kindest regards,

From all of us who vigil weekly ON BEHALF OF PLANET EARTH
And Supported by:
Veterans for Peace
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Boston Branch
Pax Christi, Boston
South Shore Citizens for Peaceful Solutions
Cambridge United for Justice With Peace
Arlington United for Justice With Peace

Sheila Parks, Ed.D.
On Behalf of Planet Earth
Watertown, MA

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