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Brayton Shanley: Christian Nonviolence, Contemplative Life, Sustainable Living

When: Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 2:00 pm to 2:08 pm
Where: Lincoln Public Library • 3 Bedford Rd • Tarbell Rd • Lincoln

 Brayton Shanley is the co-founder, with his wife Suzanne Belote Shanley, of The Agape Community, a lay Catholic residential foundation on 34 acres of land in Hardwick, MA.

Committed to nonviolence, contemplation and sustainability since its establishment in 1982, the community is involved in interfaith dialogue and practice, which includes living in a straw bale house with a compost toilet, solar energy, growing the community food and a ministry of internships and outreach to college age youth, graduate and undergraduate.

Brayton will share what can happen when we take on today's global challenges –transforming our relationships with other people and living beings on the planet through a sustainable lifestyle centered in nonviolence, compassion, contemplation and action in the world. He will also read from his recently published book, The Many Sides of Peace: Christian Non -Violence, The Contemplative Life, and Sustainable Living.

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