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Stop the BU Bio-Terror Level 4 Lab: Pack the Court

When: Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Where: State Superior Court • 3 Pemberton Square • Court Room 1017 • Boston

Biolab opponents including community and peace activists will pack the courthouse.  The judge is hearing oral arguments on the Supplementary Final Enviornmental Impact Report on the dangerous Level 4 biolab, located adjacent to Roxbury in Boston.  For more information, contact Vicky Steinitz at or Klare Allen: 617 238 5103,

There was a major victory in the state court

o The judge in the state court ruled that the certification of the Environmental Impact Repaort (EIR) was "arbitarry and capricious."

o The judge wrote "The Biolab, with its BSL4 laboratory is no ordinary project, the potential risks it poses to the environment and public health are extraordinary and, potentially catastrophic".

“In addition to vacating the certification of the Biolab project, the judge also ordered Boston University to resubmit its EIR with answers to two main questions:

1.      "What is the worst that can happen if a laboratory worker were infected with a contagious pathogen he was studying?

2.      Would the impact be significantly less if the Biolab were located outside of a city?"

Download a flyer from here:

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