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Why Boycott Israeli Products?


 Why Boycott Israeli Products?

Israel is still taking more and more Palestinian land and water while denying the Palestinian people basic human rights.  In 2005, over 171 nongovernmental Palestinian groups issued an international call to people of conscience to support their nonviolent struggle for justice.

We are responding in Boston by promoting a boycott of all Israeli products. These include:


Ahava Beauty Products   

Israeli Wines   

Jaffa Oranges

Mehadrin Medjool Dates    

Sabra Dipping Hummus & other products*

  Soda Stream Carbonating Machines  

Teva & Naot Shoes

Tribe Hummus and other products


                                                                                       and many more



Shop with your conscience!

Don’t buy Israeli products!  Check labels!



To learn more:

     On the International response:,

     On the complete list of products:

     On Palestinians’ daily life:,



Join us!




*Sabra of Norwood is locally owned – it’s not an Israeli company.