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Stopping the Next Middle East War

When: Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 2:00 pm
Where: Cambridge Friends Meeting • 5 Longfellow Park • Harvard Sq T - off Brattle St • Cambridge
A UJP forum: Syria, Iran, Israel and the US; and an update on Arab Spring

The peace movement helped stop the US attack on Syria but the underlying causes of conflict in the Middle East remain.  
Already, warmakers want more pressure on Iran instead of responding to the Iranian initiative to relax tensions.  Israel's repression of the Palestinians continues, Saudi Arabia wants regional power, the military rules in Egypt and US sanctions hurt the people.
Publlic opinion is skeptical about another war -- can the peace movement build on stopping the Syria attack to deepen and consolidate antiwar sentiment?  Is Arab Spring abated or repressed, or will this powerful movement for democracy help create peace?
The dynamics of the Middle East are complex, inter-related and need to be understood as a whole. Continuing education and understanding tricky Middle East politics are keys to effective action.

Mark Solomon, former national co-chair of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, will review the current situation and update on Arab Spring.

Jeff Klein of Dorchester People for Peace and Mass. Peace Action traveled last June and July to Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank and Israel, where he discussed the Syrian situation with many people in the area; he also interviewed Hezbollah fighters recently returned from the battle in Qusair, Syria. He will speak about the Syrian War in relation to the wider Middle East context and US-Israeli threats against Iran.

Elaine Hagopian, professor emeritus of sociology at Simmons College, will comment on how Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US all hope to use the conflict in Syria to check and roll back the influence of Iran.

Vijay Prasad, professor of international affairs and South Asian studies at Trinity College, is invited to provide a taped presentation on US policy in the Middle East.

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