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Support Bradley Manning

Bradley ManningToday Bradley Manning’s court martial opened at Fort Mead, MD. He has been charged with “aiding the enemy” and is facing life in a military prison. Manning’s real crime - exposing the war crimes committed by our government, in our name. 

Daniel Ellsberg, whose couragous release to the press of the “Pentagon Papers” helped speed the close of the Viet Nam War, had this to say about Bradley:

My decision to reveal the top secret Pentagon Papers to the American public was an act of conscience. These documents showed that we were in a destructive, wrongful war, and that we had entered that war under false pretenses. My hope was that, armed with this truth, the American people could act to end that war.

Today, a young soldier named Bradley Manning faces trial for a similar act of conscience, and he needs our help. In releasing documents and videos to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, PFC Manning made an enormously positive impact on world events. He revealed the terrifying misdeeds by American and coalition forces, such as the 2007 Baghdad airstrike that targeted and killed at least 12 Iraqi civilians. He opened a new pathway for truth and justice to reach the world, perhaps preventing the next unjust war from ever beginning. He even helped inspire a new, global movement for openness and democracy, ringing out from Tahrir Square to Wall Street. To me, and many others, Bradley is a hero.

Yet, for his courage, Bradley faces life in prison — much like I did 40 years ago. And just as I was arrested and called a “traitor” by President Nixon, Bradley’s charges include an accusation of “aiding the enemy,” even though there is no evidence that any individual was endangered by his disclosures. Bradley, now 25 years old, is far too young, and has too much to offer this country to spend the rest of his life in prison. He needs our support.

On Saturday, two thousand rallied outside Ft Meade to support Bradley. But his defense, and making the public aware of it, is expensive. Please join us at the People’s Cafe June 8 to support Bradley. He stood up for us - now we must stand up for him. See more detailsIf you can’t make it, you can support Bradley by sending a contribution to the address listed below, or online at

We hope to see you on Saturday for an evening of “great music, great food for a great cause”. Please circulate widely. RSVP to this email address, or to David Klafter at 617-835-6703. 

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