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Anti-drone song and chants

Anti-Drone Songs and Chants

submitted by Susan McLucas  

"Over the Rainbow", Drone version

Somewhere over the rainbow, drones fly by                            
Raining death and destruction out of the clear blue sky.

Somewhere inside a bunker, men fly drones.                        
They kill helpless civilians all without leaving home.

Someday a drone may come your way,
You’ll panic but the drone will stay above you.                                  

They'll vaporize you then and there and take you from the ones who care 
And those that love you.    

Somewhere skulking in secret,  C  I  A                                
And the drones that they dream of aren’t very far away.      

When military drones can kill without due process then they surely will.             

(Hoosier Raging Grannies, by Paul Smith, with changes by Susan McLucas)



Stop the wars and ground the drones!  We need that money here at home!

Drones fly, children die.  (or:  Drones fly, people die.)

Killer drones way up high, dropping death from the clear blue sky

No drones!  No global war!

No drones!  No endless war!

People are real everywhere.  Stop killing them from the air!

Terror Tuesday: Make a list of anyone who dares resist. (explain first`)

Anyone who dares resist is labeled as a “terrorist.”

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