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Peace Contingent in Dorchester Day Parade

When: Sunday, June 2, 2013, 9:00 am
Where: Dorchester

Get Ready to

March Together in the DORCHESTER DAY PARADE!

Sunday, June 2

Dorchester People for Peace will be marching again this year in the Dorchester Day Parade on June 2 along with our friends and allied organizations. Please join us!


Together, we bring our vision and our values to thousands of people along the four-mile route.


Our message will focus on ending the war in Afghanistan and opposing any new military intervention in Iran or Syria; reducing the military budget; and funding urgent needs at home in our neighborhoods and communities.  Thousands of marchers and parade watchers will see our banners and get our anti-war flyers!


We’ll gather around Noon in Dorchester Lower Mills (Richmond St.) with the parade kick-off about 1pm


We’ll have our after-Parade barbeque and celebration at Jeff Klein’s house, 123 Cushing Ave. from about 3:30pm.  Bring a dish or something to drink if you can.  Marchers can drop things off at Jeff’s house before the parade if they want – please call ahead – 617-288-4578.


WHERE: Lower Mills, Dorchester


Richmond Street between Dorchester Ave and Adams Street

Look for the Dorchester People for Peace van

You can’t drive or park anywhere near there on Dorchester Day, so travel early and travel by T (to Ashmont Station on the Red Line, Butler or Milton on the Mattapan trolley) …. Or park a ways away and walk.


BRING: A sun hat, comfortable walking shoes (it’s four miles), water. You can bring a banner for your organization if you have the people to carry it.


COOKOUT: After the parade at Jeff Klein’s, 123 Cushing Ave (near the end of the parade and near Savin Hill T station)




Dorchester People for Peace

works to end the wars; to build a multi-racial peace movement against violence and militarism at home and abroad; to oppose budget cuts, racism and political repression.      

617-282-3783  *

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