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Esoteric Science and The New Age of Democratic Enlightened Self Government

Reflections from Behind the Wall

Chuck TurnerPart 1: Overview of the Field of Esoteric Science:

A) Introduction:

I have had what many would consider an excellent education. I graduated from a public college preparatory high school in Cincinnati, Ohio; I received a B.A. in government from Harvard College; and have had a year of post graduate education at M.I.T. focusing on community development. Yet, embedded and implicit in my 18 years of education was the idea that white people, particularly rich white males. were in control of the world because of their natural superiority and black people were subjugated because of our natural inferiority.

In my heart and head the idea of the natural inferiority of any race didn't make sense. It wasn't rational. In the animal world there are no naturally inferior species. There are differences in species but scientists do not claim that those differences demonstrate a natural inferiority. Botanists do not claim that because of differences in the plant world some strains of plant life are inferior to others. There was no scientific evidence supporting the assertion of natural superiority and natural inferiority among races. It was clear that the western education system was using the natural superiority/natural inferiority argument to justify and legitimize white political and economic dominance based on military power and a momentary ascendency in the historical cycle.

So I left college frustrated. To the world I was an education man. However, I knew that my search for the truth had to continue until I could answer the questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Then one day a friend, Hakim, a graduate student at M.I.T., gave me three books: The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception, The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune, and the Cosmic Doctrine, a transmission from a nonphysical energy dimension transcribed by Dion Fortune. As I read these books and then many, many others, I began to realize that for thousands of years there had been scientists who had been using their "inner senses" to study the energy systems in which we exist.

These scientists through recording and systematizing their observations had been able to identify the laws governing the development and operation of the cosmos, universe, and our solar system as well as the evolution of all the beings in the cosmos, universe, and solar system as well as the life forms on earth. I began to realize that these findings in the field of esoteric science not only explained the past and present but also opened a window into the future. I began to realize that the world defined by western science was an infinitesimal part of the real world.

Against the background of our human evolution as sparks of cosmic energy and our evolutionary future, as explained by esoteric science, the insanity and inhumanity of this materialistic age became more understandable. While the experience of living through it continued to be difficult and emotionally unacceptable, esoteric science's explanation of why it was going on made the experience more manageable as well as tolerable. The prediction of the expansion of human consciousness resulting in an enlightened future in which human beings would possess superhuman consciousness made me less fearful of the future for generations yet unborn.

Yet, I remained silent regarding my understanding of life, gained through esoteric science. It has been of great benefit to me and my work, but I was ambivalent about publicly sharing it. My greatest fear was and to an extent is that I would be unable to bring clarity to a complex field of study and would create confusion, thereby doing a disservice rather than being of service. My second concern was that as an organizer, I would distract people from the focus of my organizing. The organizer's job is to focus people's attention on the problem to be solved, the job to be done, not on h/erself. The reluctance to speak publicly about esoteric science increased when I was elected to a position on the Boston City Council. Given people's sensitivity regarding their religious beliefs, it seemed unwise if not disrespectful to discuss esoteric science from an elected position, financed with public dollars.

I am now more comfortable sharing what I have learned. Former U.S. Attorney Sullivan has played a significant role in my change of thinking. By hiring Ron Wilburn at a cost of $30,000 federal dollars to make it look like I committed a crime that never took place, he started a process that ended my career as an elected official. In addition, my conviction and incarceration will make it more difficult to resume my work as an organizer when I am released. Also, my struggles with the injustice of our Justice Department over the last three years has increased my appreciation of the value of esoteric science. The spiritual, mental, and emotional knowledge that I have gained through my study of esoteric science has enabled me to remain "relatively" calm and at peace as I endured the experience of my arrest, conviction, sentencing, and incarceration for a crime that never took place. Given the blessings that the knowledge has afforded me, I am sharing it with the hope that it can help others in the crisis that we all are facing.

I have struggled during the last three and a half months with the question of how to best familiarize my readers with a field of science with over five thousand years of documented history. My internal debate was resolved by six decisions which will frame the discussion. My first decision was to choose progressives as my target audience. By progressives, I am referring to those who focus their time and energy on the pursuit of justice.

My second decision was that my objective will be to encourage my readers to become students themselves. In view of the fact that I consider myself a novice in the field, it is important for those who are interested in understanding the principles and practices of esoteric science to read the works of the scientists themselves.

My third decision was that since I believe that esoteric science is as valid a science and field of study as any taught in our schools today, I will explain why and suggest books by esoteric scientists that would be a good beginning point of your study. I will also list the organizations that they helped to found or develop. Since at least four of those organizations are still in existence, some of you may want to consider contacting the organizations to further intensify your study.

My fourth decision was that the best way to encourage you to go fishing for yourself would be to share what initially attracted me to the field--esoteric science's answers to the questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

My fifth decision was to use this reflection to respond to a valid question raised by a friend, "Why should activists take time from their efforts to deal with the crisis which confronts us all daily in order to deal with 'the unseen'. I will respond to the question by sharing my view on the nature of the crisis in this country; what I believe should be the progressive response to that crisis; and the relationship of esoteric science to the development of a progressive response.

My sixth decision was to conclude this discussion with a description of an initiative I began as a Boston City Councilor in 2007 through which I hoped to aid those of my constituents who had a 'pioneering spirit' to develop a rural land based industrial/agricultural community. While its development has been interrupted by former U.S. Attorney Sullivan's initiative to have me branded as a criminal , I continue to think not only that it is relevant to our situation in Boston and Massachusetts but also that it has national relevance.

I will end this reflection with an overview of my writing plans for the future as well as my legal situation.

B) What is Esoteric Science and Its Field of Observation?

I will begin by defining the term, esoteric science. There are two definitions of the word science in Webster's Third International Dictionary that I believe are helpful. The first is "A branch of study concerned with observation and classification of facts and especially with the establishment or strictly with the quantitative formulation of verifiable general laws...". The second reads "Accumulated and accepted knowledge that has been systematized and formulated with reference to the discovery of general truths or the operation of general laws.

Science through its many tributaries has been essential to the evolution of the human race. The process of making observations, classifying the facts gained, and systematizing them to discover the laws of nature has been and continues to be essential to our progress as a race. Think about it. One hundred years ago there were two primary forms of power for transportation--horses and steam engines. Today propulsion systems can take us to the moon and beyond. Such amazing leaps forward are the result of science-- the accumulation and the systemizing of knowledge leading to the discovery of general laws of nature.

The difference between esoteric science and all other sciences except subatomic physics is that esoteric scientists focus on making observations of what cannot be seen by the unaided human eye. Their observations focus on the spheres of energy from which our atoms, the basis of our physical world are formed. Physicists use high powered, expensively engineered microscopic equipment to make their observations. Esoteric scientists make their observations through the development of inner senses whose existence western science does not yet acknowledge.

Physicists and esoteric scientists acknowledge the existence of cosmic energy which physicists define as energy emanating from the nucleus of the atom. Esoteric scientists also acknowledge the existence of cosmic energy at the core of the atom. The difference in their views is that esoteric scientists go far beyond the subatomic physicists in their analysis. They define the existence of six planes (interpenetrating spheres) of cosmic energy surrounding and interpenetrating our universe. The universe which also has seven planes (spheres) is the seventh and densest plane (sphere) of the cosmos from their perspective. This is the plane upon which our Creator (God, Jehovah, Allah, etc.) established the solar system in which we exist.

The first cosmic plane, the least dense, is the level from which the Supreme Being of the Bible created the cosmos which includes our universe. The Supreme Being, a triune force (Power, the Word, and Motion) emanated from a plane of energy termed by esoteric science as the Absolute. This is a plane which can not be defined or observed even by esoteric scientists since it is unmanifest. If it could be observed, it would be manifest and therefore couldn't be termed the Absolute.

The work of both esoteric scientists and atomic physicists is supported through resources provided by organizations and institutions. The field of subatomic physics is supported by universities, private laboratories, and governments. The field of esoteric science is supported today by organizations and institutions such as the Rosicrucian Fellowship, the Theosophical Society, the Ausar Auset Society, the Society of the Inner Light, the Christian Science Church, and others. All of them are focused as are mainline religious organizations on raising spiritual consciousness and reverence for the Creator.

While mainline religions are not viewed as being active in the field of esoteric science, at the root of all religions are a set of beliefs based on contact with beings on higher levels of consciousness. I believe that within mainline religions, there are those who continue to be practitioners of the science. However, the external teachings were and are given to the general population while the principles of the esoteric science were and are, if I am right, taught to an inner circle. The question of whether Protestant religions maintained an esoteric practice for an inner circle as they broke away from their Catholic roots is a fascinating one that I am not qualified to answer.

The earliest esoteric scientists were those who developed in Kamit (Ancient Egypt) the Ausarian religion, the world's first religion, over five thousand years ago. The reality is that the leaders of all the world's religions were esoteric scientists who used their knowledge of the unseen reality and the forces therein to help guide humanity in the process of our evolution development. Perhaps the best known esoteric scientist who was not a founder or leader of a religion was Hermes who resided in Kamit.

Hermes' accomplishments were so great that the Egyptians and the Greeks identified him with the Wisdom sphere on The Tree of Life, which is a symbol representing the energies within the universe. Abraham who sojourned in Egypt before establishing Israel was a contemporary of Hermes. Some Jewish scholars say that Abraham studied with Hermes. Moses who was raised as an Egyptian prince, undoubtedly knew esoteric science given the role of esoteric science in the lives of the Egyptian community.

Pythagoras of Pythagorean theorem fame was not only a Greek mathematician but also an esoteric scientist who used mathematics as part of the mental discipline as he focused on raising the spiritual consciousness of his students. It is alleged that Jesus was a member of the Essene community of Jewish esoteric scientists who were masters of the Kabbalah, one of the three pillars of the Jewish faith, along with the Old Testament and Talmud. The years in Jesus' life from 12 to 30 which are not accounted for in the New Testament were allegedly spent with the Essenes, preparing for the mission he was to fulfill when the Christ spirit came to earth.

In terms of my own work in this field, I will admit that I have never followed any particular path or group practice through which I developed the inner senses/vision to explore the universal and cosmic realities. However, I have experienced a variety of religious practices, beginning by serving as an acolyte in an Episcopal church from ages 9 to 18. As an adult, I joined a Baptist church, practiced Nichiren Buddhism, and had both a Sufi and a Sunni Muslim initiation.

In the 80s, I decided to join the Society of Inner Light, an organization based in England, founded by Dion Fortune, an English psychic and psychologist. The Society's practice was based on the Qabalah and its meditation symbol, the Tree of Life. I was attracted both by the fact that their practice had its roots in Jewish esoteric science, a religion I hadn't explored, and that they saw their practice as the Yoga of the West--the western path to God consciousness. Unfortunately, they informed me that they only accepted students who lived on the island for membership.

Although I haven't developed inner vision, I developed my own method of verifying the authenticity of the information that I was acquiring through reading and meditation. As I have said in previous reflections, I made the assumption that by identifying the congruence between different descriptions of the cosmos, its divisions, and beings in different traditions, I would be able to verify that there was One Reality which all the esoteric scientists were exploring. After more than a decade of study, I was able to begin to demonstrate to myself that while using different language, the descriptions from the different traditions matched each other. That affirmed my conviction that I was studying a valid science. In addition, esoteric scientists have been involved in their own verifications for over five thousand years.

Let me end this part with a quotation from Dr. Annie Besant, second President of the Theosophical Society (1907-1933). Ms. Besant is perhaps best know for her writing on "The Ancient Wisdom" and as well as "A Study in Consciousness."

"To know man is to know God. "To know God is to know man. "To study the universe is to learn both God and man, for the universe is the expression of the Divine Thought and the universe is mirrored in man.

"Knowledge is necessary if the Self would become free

Itself as Itself alone."

To me this is the central belief of all esoteric scientists.

Part 2: Esoteric Science's Answers to the Questions: Where Do We Come From? Why Are We Here? Where Are We Going?

Let me begin with a description of the source of everything that exists in the cosmos. This description appears in the Cosmic Doctrine which was transmitted to Dion Fortune in 1924 by a being from a nonphysical energy dimension who during his lifetime on earth was an eminent American educator. The source that is being described is called by some The Absolute; by others The All; in this writing it is called The Unimanifest.

"The Unmanifest is pure existence. We cannot say of it that it is Not. Although it is not manifest, it is. It is the source from which all arises. It is the only "Reality". It alone is substance. It alone is stable. All else is an appearance and a becoming. Of this Unmanifest we can only say IT IS. It is the verb "to be" turned back on itself. It is a state of pure "being" without qualities and without history. All we can say of it is that it is not anything that we know, for if we know anything it must be in manifestation, it is not unmanifest. Therefore, the very fact that we can know it proves that it is not unmanifest. The Unmanifest is the Great Negation, at the same time it is the infinite potentiality which has not occurred. It is best conceived of under the image of interstellar space."

It is from this energy realm that the Being known in the Bible as the Supreme Being emerges at the beginning of manifestation, accompanied by the Word (The Gospel of John) and other beings called Celestial Hosts. The Supreme Being with the assistance of the Word and the Celestial Hosts creates seven fields of energy called the cosmic planes (interpenetrating spheres). These planes are created through the movement of energy which creates vortices that "solidify" into planes (interpenetrating spheres) of what can be described as spirit-matter. It is important to understand that from an esoteric perspective, spirit and matter are inextricably combined in the cosmos, universe, and solar system. The densest and smallest of these cosmic planes is the 7th plane which is the universe in which the Being we call God, Allah, Jehovah, etc (depending on our religious faith) created our environment, the solar system and our "mother' the earth.

God, the Creator of our solar system, or Logos (Word in Greek), in the language of esoteric science, began H/er "life" on the first cosmic plane. Then S/he traveled through the six remaining planes of the cosmos as well as the seven worlds/sub planes of the seventh cosmic plane to gather the experience and capability necessary to create our solar system. After completing H/er journey, S/he then returns to the first cosmic plane to begin H/er creative mission. As S/he journeys again through the cosmic planes accompanied by the Celestial Beings who during H/er original journey became part of H/er energy system (aura), S/he draws into her aura cosmic atoms (called monads) on each of the cosmic planes. The monads are identical to H/er in nature but without H/er experience and the capabilities S/he has developed.

Upon reaching the 7th cosmic plane, S/he defines the limits of h/er solar system by creating the first plane (Adi)with its six sub planes, a replica of the first plane of the cosmos. S/he then creates the second plane (Anupadaka) composed of the monads, undeveloped replicas of h/erself. S/he complete this phase of H/er work, through creating five additional planes, also replicas of the cosmic planes. These five planes are called Atma (Will), Buddhi (Wisdom), Manas (with 2 divisions: the Abstract Mental World and the Concrete Mental World), Kama (Desire World), and Sithula (the Physical World with two divisions: Etheric and Chemical). These solar planes are to serve as our fields of experience since each of us has within our energy system, a sphere of energy that enables us to operate in the seven worlds of the five planes just described.

The Logos (God) creates and oversees the solar system and its development. The monad creates and overseas each of us and our development. The monad is the unit in our energy system that has eternal life. Lt. Colonel A.E. Powell, a leader in the Theosophical Society, in The Causal Body gives the following description of our Creator, the monad. .

"The Monad has been variously described as the Eternal Man: a fragment of the life of God: a Son of God, made in His image: a spark in the Divine Fire: the "Hidden God", as he was know to the Egyptians: he is the God within us, our personal God: our true Self: a fragment of the Eternal: the real and only permanent "I" in man. The Monads have been described also as centers of force in the Logos."

While the monad is an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being on the second plane enfolding all the divine potentials of God, s/he has no vehicles through which to gain experience on the five denser planes. In order to gain experiences on those planes, a two step process takes place.

First, s/he projects a reflection of h/er three fold nature containing Will, Wisdom, and Activity onto the atmic plane (the third plane of the solar system). This reflection then projects a ray of spiritual energy which is attached by the help of Celestial Beings called Devas in the East (called Archangels and Angels in the West) to a permanent atom of the atmic (will) plane, the buddhic (wisdom) plane, and the first division of the plane of manas(abstract mind). This reflection of the monad with permanent atoms facilitating the acquisition of experience on the atmic, buddhic, and abstract mental division of the manasic plane is known by different names--the Monad, the Spiritual Triad, The Jivatma, The Heavenly Man, The Soul, the Ego, and the Higher Self. I will use the term Higher Self. The experiences of each of our incarnations are recorded and stored in the energy systems of the permanent atoms.

The second step in this process is the creation of the germs of fields of energies (bodies) that will enable the Higher Self to make contact with the concrete mental (lower manas) plane, the desire/emotional (astral) plane, and the physical(sithula) plane. This composite is known as our Lower Self or personality. Once these bodies are formed, the Higher Self sends out a thread (ray) of spiritual energy, the Sutratma, which with the assistance of the Devas connects it to a permanent atom on each plane. These bodies are formed as the earth goes through four of its seven incarnations.

The germ of the dense body is formed during the "heat" incarnation of the earth when the developing human being in h/er initial energy state is going through a phase of existence similar to that of today's mineral. Its consciousness is similar to that of a trance. In the "gaseous" incarnation of the earth, the germ of the vital body is implanted giving to the dense body the capability for assimilation, growth, propagation, glands, etc. Its consciousness is similar to that of dreamless sleep. This takes place during the plant phase of the development of the human energy system. During the "water" incarnation of the earth, the desire body is formed. This is the body containing the emotions/feeling, wishes, passions. This phase of development is similar to animal existence. Its consciousness is similar to our dream state.

It is during the animal phase of human development that individualization takes place when the Higher Self merges into the Lower Self (composed of the germs of our concrete mental body, emotional/desire body, and physical body) in order for the transition to the human stage of development to take place. During the solid stage of development, our present earth stage, the first stage of our mental capability is formed within the completed dense body that has taken physical form. This mental stage enables the human being to work in a creative way with chemicals. This is the waking stage of consciousness.

By the forth stage of life on earth, the process of involution, the process of spirit (higher thought) descending into matter, has been completed. Now the personalities/lower selves are ready to begin the process of evolution (ascension out of matter). This is a process that takes place over many life times through the process of reincarnation. The goal of evolution is for the the personality to gain knowledge on the earth which will enable it to link with the Higher Self (the permanent atoms of atma, buddhi, and higher manas) which results in the attainment of Christ consciousness. As Lt. Colonel A.E. Powell writes in the Causal Body:

"It is this continual yearning toward reunion which clothes itself as prayer and inspiration, as "seeking after God." "My soul is athirst for God, for the living God," cries the eager Christian. This cry is the inextinguishable impulse upwards of the lower self to the higher. Whether the person pray to Buddha, to Vishnu, to Christ, to the Virgin, to the Father, is, merely a question of dialect, not of essential fact.

"In all, the Manas united to Atma-Buddhi is the real object, variously called the ideal man, the personal God, the God-Man, God-Incarnate, the Word made flesh, the Christ who must be "born in" each, with Whom the believer must be made one.

"When once a man enters upon the Path and converges his energies upon it, his rate of progress is enormously accelerated. His progress will not be by arithmetical progression, i.e., in the ratios of 2,4,6,8,etc., nor by geometrical progression, i.e., in the ratio 2,4,8,16,etc., but by powers, in the ratio 2,4,16,256,etc. This fact should afford great encouragement to the serious student."

The driving force of this process is the Higher Self guiding and urging the personality to make choices that will result in the achievement of an eventual reunification as described above. However, the personality has the free will to make choices based on its desires; therein lies the dilemma of our life situation. There is an inherent two fold problem for each of us which increases the difficulty of our personality following the guidance of our Higher Self. As children, our development requires that we gain a sense of independence from others and confidence in ourselves. Without a reasonably strong sense of self our full development is hindered by the needs and dictates of others. Yet, this focus on independence and self strengthens our pursuit of what we view as our needs which in actuality are our desires.

As our passions, wishes, and desires grow, our concrete mental faculties--comparison, reason, judgment, imagination, etc.--become more strongly focused on attaining our desires. Our mental faculties become more and more entangled with our desires. This linkage creates within the personality a growing resistance to the guidance of the Higher Self and its message to consider the needs and desires of others. As the entanglement of desires and mind grows, our mental faculties focus their powers on justifying and achieving our desires rather than enabling us to clearly evaluate our choices in consideration of the needs and the concerns of others.

Religions are designed to counteract this entanglement and to support the efforts of the Higher Self to guide us to a higher level of consciousness. If you look up the word religion in the dictionary, you will see that it is derived from the Latin word "religare" whose meaning is to "tie back". Thus the word religion has embedded in its Latin root the idea of linking our Lower Self, our personality, to our Higher Self in order to achieve our Christ consciousness.

Religious practices are designed to inspire the personality (emotion and concrete thought) to follow the guidance of the Higher Self in order to lead a life focused on following what Christ called the greatest commandment, "To love the Lord with all they heart and with all they soul and thy neighbor as thyself." Christ came to earth to lead us home. His light shone through Jesus as a beacon on the Path of Love. While different religions use different symbols, practices, words, etc., the purpose of every religion is lead us home to enable us to achieve Christ consciousness and then God consciousness when the Higher Self links with its monad.

Esoteric science is the foundation on which all external religious teachings are based. To use the Bible as an example, you see veiled references throughout the Bible to concepts of esoteric science. References to the Thrones, Dominions, and Powers correlate to the forces in Steiner's An Outline of Esoteric Science known as the Spirits of Will, Wisdom, and Form. Steiner explains the role that these celestial forces play in the development of the human dense body during the "heat" incarnation of the earth. The serpents in the Garden of Eden as Heindel points out in the Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception refer to the Lucifer Angels who played a key role our transition from the animal phase to the human phase of existence by awakening our consciousness to the physical world.

Christ's statement that he came to turn son against father and daughter against mother seems to pit loyalty to him against loyalty to family. Heindel expands on that thought by saying that the esoteric truth that Christ made clear to his disciples through Jesus was that his message was that the people of the Jewish race had to move beyond the confines of their race in the giving of love. His message was that His age would be an age of universal love where people would love each other regardless of race, clan, or tribe.

Understanding esoteric science is essential to understand the full meaning of all religions. In the past the external message has been to motivate and inspire the public. The esoteric messages was given to educate the inner circle, the disciples. Given the world wide level of consciousness, as we enter the 21st century, it is essential that the understanding reserved for for the education of those in the inner circles of the past be understood by all. It is time for all of us to look beyond the earth and recognize that in fact we are children of the universe and cosmos. We will achieve that understanding as we learn the principles of esoteric science.

Nonbelievers as well as believers need an understanding of esoteric science. Through this understanding they will be able to recognize that there is a scientific side of religion as well as a mystical. Through that realization, they can gain the opportunity to focus on realizing their Christ consciousness through unifying their personality with their Higher Self. The quicker we can raise our consciousness as a human race, the more quickly peace and prosperity will come to the people of the earth.

This brief and sketchy outline gives my view of esoteric science's answers to the questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? While the teaching I have shared is at the heart of esoteric science, you will see as you read any of the books listed in Part 3 that it is an infinitesimal fraction of the teachings of esoteric science. However, I believe it demonstrates why esoteric science provides a framework of thinking to prepare us for the crises that we face today and for building the foundation of tomorrow's world. It provides a framework of higher thought that counteracts the negative thinking about self and others that prevent us from following the guidance of our Higher Selves. We have within us the capacity to solve today's problems and prepare a solid foundation for future generations. We have to have the courage to explore our inner space and listen to our inner guidance.

Explanatory note to the reader:

As I noted in the introduction, different approaches to the description of the cosmos and its operation -are used in different systems of esoteric science. My description draws heavily on the Theosophist model that was developed from the model of Tibetan Buddhism. Also, the Rosicrucians and Anthrposophists use the same model.

I have used their model rather than the Tree of Life model because it is more explicit regarding the existence and role of the monad. Understanding the monad and its role is essential not only in understanding esoteric science but also in the process of understanding yourself and your relation to our Creator.

I have focused on the work of western esoteric scientists rather than eastern since I am more familiar with their work. However, its important to remember that all esoteric scientists are attempting to help us understand the One Reality, its Creator, Its dimensions and beings, and our relationship as human beings to that Reality and its Creator.

Part 3: Guide to Beginning Your Study of Esoteric Science:

Below are a list of organizations and books that you may find helpful in beginning your study of esoteric science.

A) The Arcane School:

This school founded by Alice Bailey and Djwal Kuhl, a Tibetan monk, was established to develop a group of world servers ( religious activists) trained in the principles and practice of esoteric science. The work was based on a series of writings transmitted by Kuhl from the mountains of Tibet. These writings were psychically received by Bailey and edited.

1) Consciousness of An Atom, 1924: Alice Bailey (received and edited); Lucis Publishing; New York. 1924

A comparison of the evolution of atomic, human, planetary, and solar consciousness.

2) Cosmic Fire, 1925: Alice Bailey (received and edited); Lucis Publishing, New York.

A study of the cosmic forces driving the evolution of the cosmos, the universe, the solar system, and the relationship of these forces to the evolution of the human race. .

3) Letters on Occult Meditation, 1922: Alice Bailey (received and edited); Lucis Publishing, New York.

A guide to the process of scientific meditation leading to the alignment of the personality to the Higher Self, "Christ" the Son, and God the "Father".

B)The Anthroposophic Society:

This organization was established in 1913 by Rudolph Steiner, an eminent Austrian scientist, who among other accomplishments started the Waldorf School movement which has established schools that are operating throughout the world, including one in western Massachusetts and another a few miles away in New York state. The Society's purpose was to spread the Steiner's writings and teachings that were designed to enhance human spiritual development through the blending of Theosophical and Christian thought.

1) An Outline of Esoteric Science, 1909: Rudolph Steiner; Anthroposophic Press. RR 4 Box 94 A1. Hudson, New York, 12534

In this classic, Steiner describes the approach of esoteric science; describes in the detail the various parts of the human energy system; outlines the "Rose Cross Meditation" and other methods of opening inner senses; and describes the role played by cosmic forces in the evolution of the human race and four of the seven incarnations of the earth, including the destruction of the Lemurian and Atlantean continents.

2) How to Know Higher Worlds, 1914: Rudolph Steiner; Anthroposophic Press, RR 4 Box 94 A1, Hudson, New York 12534

A guide to opening your inner senses through various exercise to enable you to perceive the "invisible" energy systems surrounding our bodies and the earth.

3) Theosophy, An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in the Human Life and Cosmos: Rudolph Steiner; Anthroposophic Press, RR 4 Box 94 A1, Hudson, New York 12534.

In this work, Steiner describes our physical nature, our soul nature, and our spiritual nature as well as our seven interpenetrating energy bodies. In addition, he gives an overview of the process of reincarnation, karma, and our life after the death of the physical body. He concludes with suggestions on how we can open our inner senses in order to perceive the various energy worlds in which we function.

C) Ausar Auset Society:

This organization was formed in 1973 by Ra Un Neter Amen, a Panamanian classical pianist, who gave up his career in the arts to spread the teachings of the Ausarian religion which was the official religion of Kamit (Ancient Egypt). The Ausarion religion is acknowledged to be the world's oldest religion (over 5000 years). Throughout his written work, Ra documents by means of Ausarian scriptures that this was the first monotheistic religion.

1) Metu Neter volume 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of of Spiritual Cultivation, 1990: Ra Un Nefer Amen; Kamit Media Trans Visions, Inc., 1100 Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218.

In this book, Ra Un Nefer Amen describes in detail the Ausarian system of human spiritual development and its relationship to modern left brain, right brain theory and the teachings of other religions. It also describes the use of the Ausarian system of oracular life guidance through the use of the Metu Neter.

2) Metu Neter, volume 2 Anuk Ausar, The Kamitic Initiation System, 1994: Ra Un Nefer Amen; Kamit Media Trans Visions, Inc., 1100 Albemarie Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218

In this volume, Ra Un Nefer Amen details a system of self initiation into spiritual consciousness based on practices developed by the Ausarians. The methods are designed to implant in the mind the divine forces of the Tree of Life, the diagram of the archangelic forces of the universe that establish its divine order.

3) Metu Neter, volume 3, 2008, The Key to Miracles: Ra Un Nefer Amen; Kamit Media Trans Visions, Inc., 1100 Albemarie Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218;;

In this work, Ra Un Nefer Amen outlines a process of aligning Self (consciousness and will) with God (consciousness) through the Divine Spirit. This enables one to "create miracles" by influencing external events through internal processes. He also expands on the use of the Metu Neter as an Oracle which he outlined in volume 1.

4) Metu Neter, volume 4, The Initiate's Daily Meditation Guide, 2010: Ra Un volume Amen; Kamet Media Trans Visions, Inc., 1100 Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218;;

Ra Un Never Amen presents in volume 4, a process of replacing our human self image (the driving force of our reality) with our divine self image by bringing into our minds the universal forces that function as the 11 laws of God through daily meditation and mental exercises. (Think of law from the scientific standpoint, i.e., the law of relativity or the law of gravity.)

5) Met Netter, volume 5, Keys to Health and Longevity, 2011: Ra Un Never Amen; Kamet Media Trans Visions, 1100 Albemarie Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218;; www.tauibiz

Ra Un Nefer Amen presents a guide to bringing health and vitality to body, mind and spirit through meditation and other exercises. He also outlines a process of connecting parts of the brain to parts of spirit as well as how to balance and enhance brain chemistry to achieve the highest states of meditation, spiritual healing, and stress elimination.

D) Hermetic Philosophy:

Hermes who lived 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt is the greatest known esoteric scientist of all time who was not a founder of a religion or a religious leader. His reputation for spreading wisdom was so great that he was deified under the name of Thoth (wisdom) in the Egyptian pantheon (Tree of Life) as well as the Greek pantheon under the name, Mercury. Some Jewish traditions acknowledge that Abraham studied with him during his stay in Egypt.

1) Kybalion, 1908: Three Initiates; Forgotten Books (

In this small volume are the essence of the teachings of Hermes, including the seven hermetic principles: 1. Mentalism; 2. Correspondence; 3. Vibration; 4. Polarity; 5. Rhythm; 6. Cause and Effect; 7. Gender.

E) Kabbalah:

The Kabbalah is the esoteric science of Judaism and is viewed as one of the three pillars of the faith with the Old Testament and the Talmud as the other two. Jesus is alleged to have studied the Kabbalah as part of an Essene community from ages 12 to 33. This was the part of Jesus' life that was not mentioned in the New Testament. The Kabbalah existed only as an oral tradition until the 13th century when the Zohar was written in Spain by Moses de Leon, thus putting the teachings on paper.

The Kabbalah has two purpose. One purpose is to explain the creation of the cosmos and solar system as well as the relationship between those systems, God, and human beings. It is also used as a meditation tool to achieve God consciousness.

1) Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree, 1965: Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi; Samuel Wiser, Inc., 714 Broadway, NY, NY 10003

Adam Kadmon is the name given in the Kabbalistic tradition to the ten Emanations of God, the Primeval and Universal Man. Mr. Halevi uses the Tree of Life , the diagram of the forces of the universe to illustrate the relationship between our physical body, our psyche, and our spirit as well as their relationship to the forces of the universe including the divine emmations that form Adam.

2) Kabbalah for the Modern World: Migene Gonzalez-Whippler, Llewellyn Publications, 2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodberry, MN 55125-2989

Ms. Gomez-Whippler presents the Kabbalah from a scientific perspective and shows how it relates to Quantum Theory, Chaos Theory, as well as relativity, black holes, and dark matter.

F) Rosicrucian Fellowship:

In 1907, the Rosicrucian Order established the Rosicrucian Fellowship and selected Max Heindel, an initiate, to write the Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception which describes the order's system of beliefs. The purpose of the Fellowship was and is to distribute the teachings of the Order and train people in the use of the teachings for spiritual development.

In describing the founding and purpose of the Order, Mr. Heindel said, "In the 13th century, a high spiritual being, having the symbolical name, Christian Rosenkreuz--'Christian Rose Cross'--appeared in Europe. He founded the Order of Rosicrucians with the object of throwing occult light upon the misunderstood Christian Religion and to explain the mystery of life and Being from the scientific standpoint in harmony with Religion."

1) Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception, 1909: Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Publishing House, Oceanside, California.

This classic esoteric work gives the Rosicrucian view of the evolution of this cosmos, universe, our solar system, as well as all the energy forms in the cosmos, universe, solar system, and on earth. He also explains the Rosicrucian view of the relationship of Christ to the spiritual development of humanity. It describes in detail the work of various cosmic forces in the evolution of human beings and gives guidance on developing our spiritual powers.

G) Society of the Inner Light:

This organization was established in the early 1900s by Dion Fortune, a psychologist and psychic, who was acknowledged as one of the more significant figures in 20th century esoteric thought. The group's purpose was to foster the study of "Occultism (the study of that which is invisible to sense perception--esoteric science), Mysticism, and Esoteric Psychology". They viewed the Kabbalah as the Yoga of the West--A path to God consciousness.

1) A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism, Volume 1 and Volume 2, 1965: Gareth Knight, Weiser Books, York Beach, Maine/368 Congress Street, Boston, Ma 02210

In Volume 1, Mr. Knight a leader in the Society of the Inner Light, compares the Western Mystery Tradition to eastern yoga systems and reviews in detail the symbolism of each of the spheres on the Tree of Life. Volume II focuses on how to use the Tree as a pathway to Higher Consciousness and the Tarot system as a method of guidance in life.

2) The Circuit of Force, 1998: Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight:

In this work, Mr. Knight includes writings by Ms. Fortune where she describes techniques for strengthening the personal magnetic forces within the etheric body (human aura) and their control and direction in magic and life. She regards these techniques as the 'Lost Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition'. Gareth Knight provides commentaries on various aspects of the etheric body and the writings and work of other esoteric scientists on the development and use of the etheric vehicle. He also fills in some practical details and implications that Ms. Fortune left unsaid in the more secretive esoteric climate of the 1930s/'40s in which she writes.

3) The Cosmic Doctrine, 1949: Dion Fortune, Red Wheel/Weiser, Inc., York Beach, Maine/Boston, Ma.

Dion Fortune, psychically received this work in 1924. However, it was not released publically until 1949 because of concern that the public was not yet ready to receive its truths. It is a metaphysical, abstract discussion of the creation of the cosmos, universe, and solar system as well as the evolution of human consciousness and mind within that system.

4) The Mystical Qabalah, 1935: Dion Fortune; Samuel Weiser, P.O. Box 612, York Beach, Maine 03910-0612

The Mystical Qabalah is an esoteric classic giving a detailed overview of the Qabalah and its use as a tool for spiritual development as well as the relationship to Eastern and Western thought, including Christianity.

H) Theosophical Society:

This group was organized in 1875 by Madame Helena Blavatsky, author of the esoteric classic-The Secret Doctrine Volume 1 and 2; William Q. Judge, a lawyer; and Col. Henry Olcott, a Civil War veteran and the Theosophical Society's first President. It's purposes were 1) To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color; 2) To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, and science; and 3) To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man. A descriptive statement issued by the Society cites as their core belief regarding human development, "Through successive reembodiements in physical form, with accompanying emotional, mental, and psychic responses to experience the spirit attains mastery over the vehicle and reaches the expression of his godhead."

1) A Study in Consciousness, A Contribution to to the Science of Psychology, 1918; Dr. Annie Besant; Martino Publishing, P.O. Box, Mansfield, Conn. 06250

In this work, Dr. Besant, the second president of the Theosophical Society, (1907-1933) describes the growth and development of human consciousness and its relationship to the development of the universe.

2) Five volume summary on the writings of Dr. Besant and Bishop Ledbetter by Lt. Col. A.E. Powell re

a) The Etheric Body 1925: Theosophical Publishing House, London; The Book Tree PO Box 16476, San Diego, Ca 92176

b) The Astral Body, 1927: Theosophical Publishing House, P.O. Box 270, Wheaton, Ill. 60189-0270

c) The Mental Body, 1927: Theosophical Publishing House, London, 38 Great Ormand Street, London, W.C, 1

d) The Causal Body, 1928: Theosophical Publishing House, London, 38 Great Ormand Street, London, W.C. 1

e) The Solar System, 1930: Theosophical Publishing House, London, 68 Great Russell Street, London, W.C. 1

In these works, Lt. Colonel Powell describes our four 'invisible bodies", in terms of birth, development, structure, the composition, the function, and interrelationship with each other as well as with the personality, the ego, and the monad (source of our divinity). He concludes the series with a description of the solar system, its development, its streams of life, and their attainment, and details of the evolution of the human races and sub races of the earth.

3) The Secret Doctrine--volumes 1 and 2, 1888: Helena Petrova Blavatsky, abridged and edited by Michael Gomes. This classic work, based on Madame Blavatsky's study with Tibetan monks, is viewed by many as the foundation of esoteric science in the West. In it, she provides a commentary on the Stanzas of Dyzan, the eastern spiritual teachings which describe the development of the cosmos, the universe, our solar system, as well as the development of the human races, and sub races.

Note to reader: Since I don't have precise contact information for those organizations in operation, I suggest using Google.


The above list is by no means exhaustive. Mary Baker Eddy, the only woman I know who founded a religious organization was an esoteric scientist. Science and Health is the key work in which she outlines her beliefs. Scientology established by L. Ron Hubbard is highly praised by Gareth Knight in his book on the Kabbalah and has an extensive following. There are numerous books by Hubbard. A starter would be Hubbard's book on the Science of Dianetics.

Another aspect of esoteric science is Gnosticism which was part of the early Christian community until the Gnostics were expelled. Gnosticism seems to be the cover under which the cosmology of esoteric science came into Greece and Europe during early part of the Christian era. If you are interested in the area, three books you might read are The Gnostic Religion by Jonas, The Gnostic Philosophy by Clinton, and The Gnostic Gospels by Pagels.

Another source of the teachings on esoteric science in the West are books on the cosmologies and practices of the Native American communities from north to south. In South America the practice of shamanism demonstrates the use of trance to make contact with unseen beings. The development of Santeria by those of African descent in South America is a fascinating example of syncretism, where one set of religious beliefs are reconciled or unified with another. Santeria was developed by those who practiced the African Yoruban religion affixing to the ten spheres on the Tree of Life the names of Christian saints based on the similarity of the lives and spirits of the saints to the energy the sphere represents.

If you look at the pantheons of the gods of the Greeks and Romans who were considered pagans, you will see that they were working with the same symbol of the forces of the universe --The Tree of Life--as the Hebrews, who were monotheists, and the Ausarians, who were the first religious practitioners and were monotheists despite the denial of western scholars. The reality is that all our religions beginning with Ausarianism were and are brought to earth by prophetic voices to help a particular group of people understand the energy system in which we all exist; their relationship to the Creative Force that developed the energy system; and how to unify with their Creator.

As I mentioned previously, Hermes and Pythagorus, while not religious leaders, narrowly defined, founded schools focused on esoteric science. One of the more famous modern day esoteric scientists who taught students outside the frame work of a religion was G.L. Gurdjieff. In order to get an overview of his teachings and method, I would recommend reading "In Search of the Miraculous" by P.D. Ouspensky, one of his students. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky wrote independently several additional books.

While there are different names used, different rituals and practices observed, and different methods of describing the Creator and the creation, the reality is that all religions are attempts to describe the One Reality, Its Creator, and the various Celestials Beings in the system. Unification of the human race with the Creator is the ultimate goal of all religions. I believe that the 1000 years of peace that are prophesied will come when throughout the globe we become conscious of the essential oneness of all creation and all human beings within that creation, regardless of race, gender, class, sexual preference, and religion to name a few of the ways that we divide ourselves.

Jesus the Christ brought this message over two thousand years ago. People of every religion need to remember that when the Pharisees asked him what is the greatest commandment, he said "To love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart and all thy soul and the second is like unto it, to love thy neighbor as thyself. On this hang all the law and the prophets." Think about what that statement should say to each of us. Jesus the Christ, a Jew, said to his people, Jews, that if you love the One God and all of his creation, you have fulfilled your total responsibility as a Jew.

To me, the above means that his message was that it's not the practice of a particular religious faith that is important. What is important from his perspective was that you live a life of Love. It seems to me that he was saying that It doesn't matter whether you're a Christian, a Jew, a Yoruban, an Ausarian, a Sunni Muslim, or a Shiite Muslim, a Buddhist, or even an agnostic or atheist, as long as you are living the Gospel of Love. If that is what he was saying, then as long as you are living the Gospel of Love, you are obeying the greatest commandment no matter what your faith, or even lack of faith in a particular religion.

War will disappear when we acknowledge and practice the Gospel of Love. That spirit will enable us to find ways to resolve our political and other differences. Poverty will disappear. How can there be poverty if people are living the Gospel of Love and therefore are cooperating economically and recognizing that we all benefit from the well being of all. Justice will replace the injustice that parades itself as justice when we realize that injustice poisons the air we all breath. Peace will spread throughout the world on the wings of the spirit of the people who are living the Gospel of Love. The question is how much longer will we have to endure the foolishness of human arrogance and conceit.

I can imagine our Creator saying, "Children, wake up!! Children, please wake up! You think you are awake, but you really are dreaming. In fact, you're having a nightmare. Don't blame me. It's a nightmare of your own creation. Christ came to show you through Jesus how to live the Gospel of Love. Yet, even those who profess to be following His path, aren't walking the walk or talking the talk. He brought a message that the way to show your love for me is to show your love for each other. Yet, you act as if you hate each other. It's time to wake up. You only have yourselves to blame for the mess you're in."

Let me suggest that those of you who are part of an organized religion should explore the writings of the founders, historical leaders, as well as the present day leaders of your religious faith to see whether you can identify the connections between their beliefs and the principles and beliefs in the books of the esoteric scientists above. Again, my purpose is not to persuade people who are practitioners of a particular faith to adopt a new "belief". I am trying to encourage them to consciously explore the roots of their faith in order to discover the science from which their religion sprang. As we move into the 21st century with its rapid expansion of consciousness, I believe people's faith will be strengthened not weakened as they begin to understand the principles and practice of esoteric science.

I can understand many of you saying, "I'm interested in becoming a little more familiar with esoteric science, but where do I start?" I would suggest that you begin by reading Metu Neter II which is Ra Un Nefer Amen's guide to understanding the principles and practice of the world's oldest religion, Ausarianism. This was the religious practice of Ancient Egypt beginning prior to 3000 B.C. Ra Un Nefer Amen using the Tree of Life symbol provides an excellent understanding of how to bring yourself into harmony with the archangelic beings that are the controlling forces in the Desire World. He also has excellent exercises for identifying the areas of your life that need concentrated work in order to raise your spiritual consciousness. Three, four, and five are short practical guides for applying the principles learned in two. Volume one is an overview.

I would suggest reading the Rainbow Bridge written by Two Disciples of the Arcane School who are life long students of the teachings of Djwal Kuhl, a Tibetan monk. Kuhl telepathically transmitted his teachings to Alice Bailey who transcribed them and oversaw their publication. The Rainbow Bridge is an excellent overview of the many works of Khul/Bailey. It not only gives a clear view of the purpose and principles of the Ancient Wisdom (called by Kuhl, the Science of Applied Energy) but also provide practices to advance spiritual consciousness.

Since the understanding of esoteric science is enhanced through becoming familiar with different approaches, there are six additional books I would recommend as part of your initial study: The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception by Max Heindel (Rosicrucianism); the Causal Body by Lt. Colonel A.E. Powell (Theosophy); The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune (Western Mystery Tradition); The Kybalion by the Three Initiates (Hermetic Philosophy); and the Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree by Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi (Kabbalism).

Part 4: What is the Relevance of Understanding the Principles of Esoteric Science to Coping with the Present Crisis:

A) The Forces Driving Today's Crisis are the Same as Those That Have Been Moving American History Forward for the Last Four Hundred Years.

A friend recently wrote and asked why I was diverting my supporters' attention from the crisis being faced today in this country and the world. This is not the time, he said, to focus on the unseen when what we are able to see is in need of drastic repair. To me, his question is not only a fair question, it is also a question that I need to answer.

To understand the chaos around us, we must recognize the universal law that everything in the universe moves in continuously reoccurring cycles from birth to zenith to death to rebirth throughout time and space. The earth's twenty four hour spin on its axis takes us from the dawn of a new day to high noon when the sun reaches its zenith to the darkness before the dawning of a new day. As the earth takes us on our yearly journey around the sun, we experience a rebirth of nature in the spring, its full flowering in the summer, it's decline in the fall, and its death, so to speak, in the winter as nature prepares for its rebirth in the spring.

All life forms on the earth including the human race go through a similar cycle. Some of us see reincarnation as the beginning of the next cycle. Even history can be viewed as the documentation of the birth, rise, decline, and fall (death)of a particular nation, civilization, or empire. The decline and fall then leads to a new cycle of political and economic organization as the cycle repeats itself. From this perspective, I believe we are witnessing the end of the four hundred year period that began with the arrival of English settlers at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, the first permanent English settlement in America. I am not talking about a cataclysm where the United States is physically destroyed or the people decimated. I am talking about the ending of a particular way of life; the ending of a particular set of values, perspectives, and relationships to each other and the world around us; and the beginning of another.

In order to appreciate my perspective on the "new" cycle and its relationship to esoteric science, I need to share my view of the driving forces of the "old" cycle, the last four hundred years of American history. While the English immigrants were leaving England physically, they were not leaving mentally. Changing your physical location does not change your mental perspective. They brought with them a set of ideas, perceptions, and feelings about themselves individually and collectively based upon life in England and the reasons why they left.

The formation of each colony has its own collective story and each of its colonists has h/er own unique reasons for coming. Cutting across the the stories of the establishment of the 13 colonies are common themes that I believe can give us a view of the perspectives of those who established the mental and emotional climate of this country. In Massachusetts, we tend to focus on the fact that the Puritans came seeking the religious freedom that they could not find in England under the domination of the Church of England.

Yet, it is important to keep in mind that the formation of each of the colonies including Massachusetts was a commercial venture. As in any other business venture, those seeking land grants from the King had to raise capital to secure the land grants and charter. They then had to find those who had the money to pay for the transportation, initial development costs, and the costs of the land on which they were going to settle. Both those obtaining the land grants and those recruited as colonists were looking for a return on their investment.

There were those who came without money but had to pay for the costs through contracts for indentured servitude. Others came as members of the families of those who were paying. The key issue is that those who obtained the land grants had to find those willing to invest in order to cover their costs and provide the level of profit desired. The appropriate question is why would someone pay money to leave England and go into an area where you give up all the amenities of life and risk death at the hands of unknown forces, especially after you were aware that others had been lost in the wilderness of North America.

It is reasonable to assume the motivations were diverse. Religious freedom of course was an answer for some. However, I believe there was another major psychological motivator operating throughout the colonies persuading the colonists to pay to put their life at risk. These were men, some with families, who were seeking to establish themselves and future generations in a way that would have been impossible for them in England. This dream of a new way of life was so important for them that they were willing to risk their lives. What was this dream and why was it worth risking their lives.

The vast majority of those who came to the new world were from the middle class. For them, given the rigidity of the class structure in England, this was the only opportunity to establish a base for their future generations to become an aristocracy of the type that controlled their lives in England. The majority of colonists, I believe, were willing to risk their lives for the possibility of reaching a desired status that they dreamed of but couldn't realize in England. However, settling in the wilderness of a new world is not what would make them aristocrats. Only through the acquisition of wealth could their dreams be realized. This new world offered an opportunity for wealth and power that they could only dream about in England.

I know we all probably heard in school about the colonists being those who had been released from prisons. Yet, in reading the histories of each of the colonies, the only reference that I found to that story focused on the idea of General James Edward Oglethorpe who headed the group that obtained a grant of land from King George 2nd covering the area now known as Georgia. He envisioned offering people in debtor prison the opportunity to reestablish their lives in America. History says very few took advantage of the opportunity. When you think about the risks that were entailed in going into a wilderness with the stories of all the dangers and work that would have to be done, getting out of prison did not necessarily have to be seen as a reasonable exchange.

Going back to the thinking of the colonists, it is important to understand that given what they had seen in England, being an aristocrat meant that they would be able to tell others what to do, rather than being told what to do. Being an aristocrat meant that they would be in control rather than being controlled. Inextricably linked to that thought was the thought that in order to obtain my dream I have to be ready to eliminate any force that blocks my objective. The history of England reflected a history where the nobility achieved wealth and power based on the philosophy that might makes right. The colonists brought that vision with them into the new world.

Calvinism with its "the saved and the damned" perspective gave them a religious cloak in which to wrap their "might makes right" philosophy. The Puritan faith which strongly influenced Protestant thinking throughout the colonies was rooted in the writings of John Calvin, a 16th century French theologian. His theology was built around the idea that God predetermined the saved who would go to heaven and the damned who would go to hell. The colonists saw themselves as saved and anyone standing in the way of their advancement as damned. A century and a half after the founding of Jamestown, Adam Smith in his bible on capital accumulation, the Wealth of Nations, affirmed the appropriateness of their drive for wealth through his view that the driving force of history is people indulging their passions.

To summarize, the four hundred year cycle of American development, now coming to an end, has been driven by the colonists' vision that their purpose in coming to the "new world" was to lay the foundation for their descendents becoming the aristocracy of this new land. They and their future generations would achieve that position of power, control, and respect through the building of wealth. In the pursuit of this vision, they had a God given right to eliminate any obstacles that stood in the way of their achievement of that desire. Succeeding generations of immigrants coming into this country have adopted variations on this idea as that own vision.

The use of this idea as an analytical tool enables one to understand the four phases (rise, zenith, decline, and fall) of the four hundred year American social experiment. Let's begin our analysis by looking at the colonists' decision to go to war with Great Britain in the spring of the American cycle. From a rational perspective, they could have been considered crazy to attempt to unify thirteen colonies controlled by the crown and Parliament and build an army capable of defeating one of the stronger European nations. Even with the help of France, the odds were against them.

From their perspective, they had no choice. The same forces that had been blocking the aspirations of their ancestors in England were now creating taxes and regulations to block their access to the wealth they had a right to achieve. There was no alternative except to fight. It you look at the history of their forbearers during the previous one hundred and fifty years in this country, you will see the fights that they had had with the companies that had brought them to America and sold them the land on which they settled. These fights for control led to nine of the thirteen colonies eventually reverting back to the control of the crown to resolve the struggle. In addition, they had had to fight the native population in many cases to hold the land. Fighting England to them was just another step in their "manifest destiny."

In 1776, they went to war with England with Jefferson's stirring words, "All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and among them are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.", ringing in their ears. Having won the war, ten years later the new aristocracy gathered in Philadelphia to write a Constitution for a new national government. Their Constitution not only ratified slavery but also accepted the fact that none of the member states allowed white women or white men without property to vote. How could they do that, you ask? Wasn't that a direct contradiction of what the fight was about--liberty and justice for all white people?

The answer is that they did it for the same reason that the state of Massachusetts sentenced to death former Revolutionary War soldiers from western Massachusetts who took up arms in the same year they gathered in Philadelphia. These farmers felt they had to fight because the state was helping Boston bankers steal their land and then putting them in jail because they couldn't pay their taxes. Despite the stirring words of the Declaration of Independence, the objectives of the Revolution War was to solidify their power as the new American aristocracy. The victory over England gave them the power and control that the King and the English aristocracy had over them. The Constitution gave them a national government and an army and a navy that could protect their power against any external or internal threat. They were not about to share that power.

Less than ten years after ratification of the Constitution, the Federalist Party, whose leaders had engineered passage of the Constitution, pushed through Congress this country's first anti terrorism laws, the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1789. These gave the President the right to indefinitely jail anyone including citizens who criticized the government as well as expel aliens (non citizens) who were viewed as endangering the country. Two hundred years before Bush, Cheney, and the neocons, Congress legislated the use of legal preemptive strikes in case of "danger". As the opposing party, the Republicans (who later renamed themselves Democrats) pointed out, the Sedition Act seemed focused not only on aliens but also on Republicans. They were prophetic since the first person jailed under the Sedition Act for criticizing the government was a Republican Congressman from Vermont.

Twelve years later, deciding that it was time for the his countrymen to tempt fate again, President Madison and the Congressional "War Hawks" launched the War of 1812. What would prompt such seemingly rash action you ask? The answer is the same as before, they saw the English blocking their ability to create new wealth. Their initial justification was the threat by England to seize ships of countries that traded with France.

When the war went forward even after the English withdrew their threat, it became clear that the real reason for the war was that the English were using their base in Canada to help the Indian federation formed by Chief Tecumseh to block westward expansion. Madison ignored the resistance of the New England states which led to a meeting in Hartford, Conn. regarding secession. When it became clear they were losing the war, Madison and the Hawks sued for peace and signed the Treaty of Ghent that essentially left the situation as it had been before the war.

Some would say that the major American issue from the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in 1814 to the end of the Civil War in 1865 was the existence of slavery. However, the underlying issue, the driving force of the debate and the war was whether the wealth aspirations of the plantation owners of the South or the factory owners of the North would triumph. Today's racial situation makes clear that while the Civil War ended slavery, it did not resolve the issue of the position of African-Americans in this country. However, it effectively built the foundation for the triumph of the Northern Industrialists.

The victory of the North enabled the Northern industrialists to build a base that led to unlimited wealth and power for them and their descents. (A compromise that enabled the development of 100 years of black political and economic neoslavery secured the enrichment of the Southern aristocracy). To solidify the power of the industrialists,+ the Supreme Court in the 1880s provided another wealth creation building block by declaring that corporations, the industrialists' wealth creation tool, would have the same legal rights as human beings. This seems incredible given that corporate executives and boards had and have no moral standards to follow since their duty was and is to provide maximum profits within the framework of business law.

There is only one rationale to account for the court's position. Given the American goal of unlimited wealth creation, corporations had to be protected and nurtured. They were the ideal instrument to reach the goal. They provided the ability to amass huge amounts of capital while protecting those who owned shares from personal liability. What better instrument could there be for maximizing wealth for the new American aristocracy? The Supreme Court had a duty on behalf of the aristocracy to nurture and protect the growth of corporate power. Not only did they recognize that duty; they fulfilled it.

By the early 1900s, the zenith of the first American historical cycle had been reached. Summer time had come and the living was easy for the aristocracy. In the steel Industry, Andrew Carnegie had created an industrial behemoth that could not be challenged through normal competitive means. John D. Rockefeller had done the same in the oil industry. Cornelius Vanderbilt had similarly become the titan of shipping and railroads. J.P. Morgan was all powerful in banking and finance. The golden age had arrived. However, since each of the above and others not named had their own fiefdoms, what about all the others who felt that they deserved a piece of the action. "Where's my share", they all cried.

In order to respond to the economic demand of those who were approaching but not at the pinnacle of wealth, Congress created antitrust laws. President Theodore Roosevelt who was a member of the aristocracy decided to make an example of a mammoth railroad trust, Northern Securities, by using the anti trust laws to break it up. Commenting on his actions, The Detroit Free Press said, "Wall Street is paralyzed at the thought that a President.... would sink so low as to enforce the law". However, even Roosevelt with strong actions and biting rhetorical comments like "predatory wealth" and the "criminal rich" couldn't stop the feeding frenzy.

The twenties seemed like a hot August summer month in the American cycle of history. Investors ignored the warning signs. Falling agricultural prices, rising unemployment, mounting overproduction were signals that all was not well but the stock market surged forward on loose credit and low margins increasing in value by 22% between 1924 and 1929. Visions of unlimited wealth danced before the investors eyes and then the bottom fell out, pushing the stock market and world economy into a deep dark well. America's lust for wealth had driven the country into a well of despair.

Boom and bust business cycles had been an ever recurring phenomenon of industrial capitalism. In fact there were seven boom and bust cycles between 1807 and 1929. This one was the longest lasting and the most severe with 15% unemployment. Despite President Theodore Roosevelt's cousin, President Franklin Roosevelt, trying many different strategies to prime the pump while preserving the system of wealth creation, all economists acknowledge that it was only the war that was able to jump start the American economy.

Almost seventy years have passed since World War II ended in 1945. To steal from an author whose name I have forgotten, the last seventy years deserve the label of "America's winter of discontent." Initially, the aristocracy wasn't discontent. Seeing the disaster of the thirties, the more rational wing realized that some level of government intervention had to be tolerated. Another realization was that they had a new wealth making machine, the military industrial complex. Since the U.S. was becoming the military leader of the Euro-American empire, there would be a need for a large standing army as well as marines, navy, and an air force which would need clothes, supplies, and most important guns, planes, tanks, submarines, and research for more and more sophisticated weaponry.

In the name of defense, a growing percentage of the federal budget was being diverted from the needs of the people and the country's infrastructure to feed the military machine and to supply a continuous stream of wealth to the industrialists of the nation. The growth of this sector was so alarming that in April 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had been the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II as well as a two term Republican President said to Congress in his last address, "Beware the military industrial-complex".

President Eisenhower acknowledged the need for a strong military but pointed out that the diversion of scarce tax dollars into building planes, tanks, ships, and guns could deprive the people of the country of the resources needed for building schools and roads as well as other domestic needs. He also pointed out the incestuous relationship created when ex military leaders join industrial firms making armaments with the assignment to lobby Congress for bigger defense budgets. If Congress had heeded his warnings, we wouldn't have the level of deficit that we have today. President Clinton reduced the military budget to $297 billion and Bush in eight years pushed it into the $800 billion dollar range.

While the aristocracy's wealth creation plan was adjusting to the post war era, signs of discontent could clearly be seen. Black soldiers coming back from having fought to defend American freedom were awakening a national black community to the thought that it was time for us to demand our fair share. If we sat on the front of the buses going to war, then we could sit on the front of the busses going to jobs. In fact, we could sit on the front of the busses no matter where they were going. We had fought for that right.

The union movement whose growth had been slowed by the war effort was being awakened by union leaders with leftist and Communist perspectives, slowly but surely laying the foundation for the development of a militant and politically conscious labor movement demanding its fair share and expanding its base. However, the relentless Communist accusations by Senator Joe McCarthy, the passage of the Internal Security Act in 1950, and pursuit and harassment by the FBI were being used to drive those with Communist and leftist affiliations out of the union movement or under cover. This led the remaining union leaders into an era of business unionism with the focus on getting a bigger share of the pie.

In the South, blacks focused the fight in the fifties on discrimination. By the sixties the fight included jobs and the voting rights necessary to gain the power to guarantee not being left behind economically. While housing and schools were issues in the black fight for justice in the North, jobs were the key. King was killed in Memphis, helping striking garbage workers, while on his way to D.C. to lead a siege of Congress demanding jobs and justice on behalf of all the people of this country. Asians and Latinos were demanding their fair share. Native Americans were demanding the settlement of their unresolved claims for land illegally taken from them during America's westward drive for wealth. Women were not going to allow themselves to be left behind economically, making one of their key demands "equal pay for equal work". It was the winter of the American cycle and discontent was everywhere.

By the seventies, everybody was demanding their fair share. It was time to share the wealth. The American wealth aristocracy was facing fundamental challenges and what did they do. They took their money and companies and began to "Steal Away" but not to the North or heaven but to wherever in the world they could take their companies without the worries of having to pay workers a fair day's pay for a full day's work.

Then along came Reagan with his wealth for the aristocracy plan saying that the economic problem was taxes. His strategy was to lower taxes, especially for the wealthy, and increase the military budget so that the industrialists could get a bigger share of the tax dollar. Reagan's wealth creation program worked well for the wealthy but began the bankruptcy process for the country. In 1980, the deficit was 32.5% of the gross national product (gnp), the value of all goods and services produced in a year. By the time the Reagan-Bush era was over in 1992, the deficit was 64% of the gnp. This year the deficit is equal to this year's 15 trillion dollar gnp. Since Clinton cut the deficit and Obama added less than a trillion to stem the Bush recession, I would estimate that Bush(II)'s adoption of the Reagan strategy of cutting taxes and increasing the military budget is primarily responsible for our deficit jumping from 64% of gnp in '94 to 100% of gnp in 2011.

By conscious design the rich are getting richer, the middle income and poor are getting poorer, poverty is growing, and the government is being driven into insolvency. An example of the obscene expansion of the wealth. particularly for those at the top of this new aristocracy is the fact that the median income of the top one percent has increased by two hundred and forty percent while the averages wages have remained stagnant, and those at the bottom are growing poorer. Unfortunately, there is no indications that this disparity cycle is coming to an end.

Why is Congress cutting the taxes of the rich if they are getting richer and richer, you ask. Perhaps, you didn't realize that 250 of the 534 Congress people are millionaires. Do you know that the median net worth of Congress is $913,000 and the national median net worth is $100,000? Do you know that almost 2% of the people in Congress (10 of 534) have a net worth of $100 million dollars? Do you know that during the period from 2004 to 2010 which includes the period of the downturn the net worth of Congress went up 15%; the net worth of the wealthiest 10% in the country stayed relatively flat; and the net worth of the American population as a whole dropped by 8%. Now that you know the facts, do you still wonder why Congress seems to be in league with the rich against the interests of the majority of people in the country?

Four hundred and five years ago, English colonists stepped onto American shores to establish the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. They came with the vision of establishing a new aristocracy based on wealth. Today, their descendents, repeating the immortal words of George Bush II can say with pride "Mission Accomplished". Today, we have in this country a class based on wealth that seems to duplicate the aristocracy that the Jamestown settlers left behind in England.

This new American aristocracy seems to have the same self indulgent attitude of those that their ancestors fled whether in the 1600s, 1700s, or 1800s. They ignore the well being of their fellow citizens in order to pursue their own dreams of wealth, power, and the fulfillment of their every desire regardless of morals or ethics. Look at the actions of the leadership in almost every sector of the American society and you will see this aristocracy behaving in a way that shows that they have no shame. Their motto appears to be wealth and power regardless of the cost to others.

The crisis we face today duplicates the crises that occur periodically when those in power focus on their own needs, wants, and interests regardless of the harm inflicted on others. The medical profession describes cancer as cells that do not act in harmony with the other cells in the body. As we know, such independent self focused behavior will destroy the body in which the cells reside. The American aristocracy's cancerous attitude and behavior is not only wreaking havoc on the American people but also destroying the American economy. The question that confronts those of us who have spent our lives fighting for justice and equity is what are we going to do to help bring this cycle to an end and build the foundation for the development of a civilized society.

Explanatory Note to Reader:

In 1603, England and Scotland because one nation under James the 1st. In 1707 the name Great Britain was officially given to the unified kingdom although it had been unofficially used since the 1600s. Nevertheless, I have used the name England when referring to Great Britain since the public is more familiar with this name when thinking about the early history of this country.


B) What is the Relationship Between the Principles of Esoteric Science and the Shaping of a Progressive Agenda:

My narrative on the history of this country reveals that our present crisis grows out of a four fold problem. The first segment of the problem is an obscenely disproportionate distribution of wealth in this county. The second problem is a cancerous state of mind obsessing the holders of that disproportionate share that leads them to believe they have the right to as much wealth as they can grab regardless of the consequences for others. The third problem is that their attitude, based on the perspective of the original colonists, has infected the American cultural mindset, influencing a large segment of the middle income and lower income segment of our population to also lust for as much wealth and power as possible regardless of affect. The fourth problem is that a large proportion of our elected leaders have a similar self indulgent, self focused attitude. Our crisis is rooted in the obsession with individualized wealth and power that was instilled in the American culture by its founders.

When I was younger and confronted by the situation described above, I would find myself in the depth of despair and anger. The despair grew out of the fact that the consciousness of my own people seemed to be infected by this insanity despite our experiences in this wealth driven society and the fact that our ancestors had been bought and sold like cattle to lay the foundation for the wealth making machine, known as America. My anger grew out of the fact that after 400 hundred years there seemed to be nothing that I or other like minded people of all races could do to restore sanity. The reality is that at that period of my life I felt more in prison than I do today.

Then as I said in the introduction, my friend Hakim provided a light into the infuriating darkness surrounding me by giving me three books on esoteric science. The light provided by those books and others enabled me to see behind the dark veil of my frustrating life experience. I began to realize that life was a laboratory, a school so to speak, through which I and all of us on earth were being given the opportunity to develop ourselves. I learned that there was more to me than I thought. I was not just the Chuck Turner who sometimes did good but far too often made a mess out of what I was trying to accomplish. Not only was there a Higher Self guiding me but also a divine spark of energy crowning my energy system that possessed infinite will, infinite wisdom, and infinite creative thought through which to apply its wisdom to the world.

I learned that when I was able to unify with my Higher Self, my internal guidance, I would enable it to link with my divine spark, my monad, my internal God consciousness. The other side of the coin, from the perspective of esoteric science, was that if I was not able to live fully the Gospel of Love when I died my Higher Self would absorb what had been learned through my life experience. It would project into the fertilized egg of a female being on earth another Lower Self/personality on earth carrying the karma (life issues to be confronted) of past lifetimes absorbed by the Higher Spirit from other personalities' earth experiences. Finally, I began to understand that captivating speech in a play of that brilliant esotericist, William Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players, each one struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more."

I also learned that while I and other personalities were working through our own life issues with the assistance of our Higher Selves and celestial beings, the Creator of the Solar system that force that we call God, Jehovah, Allah, Amen, etc. was guiding the evolution of the sun and its planets including our earth. This evolutionary process was moved forward on the earth through the creation of cycles of experience through which I and other human beings would have the opportunity to learn the variety of lessons necessary to move forward on our own evolutionary path in order to unite with our Higher Spirit.

The gaining of this perspective did not take away my frustration, impatience, and periodic anger. However, I began to have more understanding of the process. I began to understand that the process of American development, described above, that so infuriated me from the perspective of esoteric science was a natural consequence of America, a new national creation, going through its first life cycle, its first four hundred years of experience. America was in its childhood so to speak. What I was witnessing was a nation of people with tremendous capability but behaving in a manner similar to human beings in our first stage of development as children wanting everything in sight unconcerned about the effect on others.

From the perspective of esoteric science, the next phase of the evolution of American consciousness will focus on the realization of the need and value of being conscious not just on one's own needs and concerns but also on the needs and concerns of others. America will be entering its stage of young adulthood--the stage of group consciousness. As a nation we will be struggling to separate our mental capabilities from our desires and wants. As progress is made, as a nation we will be more effective at using our mental prowess to help evolve a world civilization that can live in peace and prosperity for all rather than the continual warfare that our childish phase has produced.

In order for this national process to move forward, there must an awakening within the consciousness of the American people that can influence the direction of its leaders and national policy. There must be a growing segment of the American people who realize it is time for Americans to give up, as Saint Paul tells us in 1st Corinthians, our "childish things", our immature fascination with wealth and materialism. While esoteric science teaches us that we had to go through this materialistic phase as part of our evolution, our experience is showing us the destructive, cancerous effect when we behave like young children as if the only thing of importance is the satisfaction of our desires. It is time to recognize that as part of the human family, it is time to behave as adults.

As progressives, those who recognize our collective responsibility not just our individual interests, we must take action to speed the process of the evolution of American consciousness. It is time to inject an antidote into our present system of pseudo democratic indulgent self interest. There is a critical need for an antidote to stem the flow of poison in our American cultural consciousness. The antidote, I suggest, is the recognition of the need for and institutionalization of a system of democratic enlightened self interest. By that term I am referring to a political system whose objective is to secure the maximum benefit for the maximum number of people. Doesn't that thought underlie the definition of democracy. If the power of democracy comes from all the people, then shouldn't that power be used for the benefit of all the people.

Democracy is the appropriate political form for our next stage of political social consciousness. Given the root of divinity that resides at the highest level of each of our energy systems, the only appropriate political system for us is one in which the power resides in the hands of the people. However, that system can not be allowed to operate as ours now does in the interests of a minority. Our present system is in fact democratic oligarchy. Yes, there is voting by the people, but the reality is that the process and system is controlled by an oligarchy. The "One Percent" (to use the "Occupy Wall Street" movement name for the oligarchy) control the system that allegedly operates in behalf of the ninety nine percent.

When I was growing up, the oligarchy tried to a certain extent to hide their level of control. However, today they have no shame. They feel no need to hide the hypocrisy of democracy. How else can you explain that for the last eleven years, we have had as the driving force of the American taxation policy tax cuts for the rich. How else can you explain that while the poor are becoming poorer; while the middle class is disappearing; while the union movement is dying; while our national deficit is now equal to the value of all goods and services produced last year; while a major financial institution has lowered the tax rating of the United States; while all the above is occurring, The Tea Party, a movement of primarily white middle and working class Americans are demanding that the tax cuts continue.

The oligarchy has not just captured the government, it has captured the minds of America. The one percent is methodically moving forward to destroy any forces that may challenge not only their power and control but also the death grip they have on American consciousness. That is why you see the same forces that financed and engineered the development of the Tea Party movement putting people in power who are focused on destroying the power of the sector of the union movement that has been growing and developing more financial power for its members, the public employee sector. That is why is they are moving to develop I.D. laws that suppress the vote of blacks and elderly. That is why they are using their legislative power to drive Latinos from this country.

That is why I believe that as progressives we must begin wake the American people from the American dream of wealth and power that has become our nightmare. We must awaken us to the realization that we are not only foolish but hypocrites for perpetuating in the name of the people a system that only works for a few. We must propose how we restructure our present form of government so that it can begin to operate in the interests of All not the Few! I believe the following principles would move us in the direction of building and perpetuating a system designed to develop a decision making process focused on the needs of ALL rather than the needs of the aristocracy!

System of Democratic Enlightenment Self Interest

1) Decision making is focused on legislation that promotes the maximum benefit for the maximum number of people.

2) The participatory objective of the system is to promote the maximum direct participation feasible.

3) The electoral system is structured so that any candidate demonstrating strong voter support will have access to the resources necessary to be financially competitive with every other candidate.

4) At the state and federal level in addition to two legislative bodies based on population, there is a third legislative body with representation based on economic status.

5) At every level of government, there is an elected body composed of representatives of racial groups which have at least a 10% poverty rate whose purpose is to assess and publicize the impact of every piece of legislation reaching the voting stage on the racial group that they represent, particularly that segment which is in poverty.

6) There is an independent group hired at the city, state, regional, and federal level required to assess and publicize the financial impact of every piece of legislation on the area they are monitoring.

7) The public education curricula at every level includes subject matter that will enable the population of the country beginning at an early age to understand why the principles of equality, equity, enlightened self interest, and economic cooperation are vital to the health and welfare of human society.

If as progressives, we agree that we need a system that focuses on the maximization of the benefits of legislation for the greatest number of people possible, then these principles are essential from my perspective. Essential to breaking the stranglehold of the rich on those who are elected is equalizing the financing of elections. We must encourage the maximum feasible direct participation of the people in the decision making process so that decisions reflect as true a voice of the electorate as possible. We must build into the decision making system the voice of the various income segments.

Finally there must be an effective educational process that accomplishes two objectives. First we need mechanisms to assure that the public understands the financial impacts of legislation in general as well as the impacts on those racial groups that have a large percentage of its members in poverty. Second, our public educational system must have curricula designed to educate students at every level on why consideration of the needs of all is key to a healthy society.

I can understand that many may say that while you agree with the idea, you question our ability to build or even begin to build such system given the practical financial and psychological realities of the moment. However, from the perspective of esoteric science, we need to remember that eventually society will come to the realizations that I'm discussing. Our objective is to speed the process of that development of consciousness. We also have to understand that we are just a cog in a wider system of consciousness that is promoting the mental health of the society and evolution of consciousness.

We need to keep in mind that there are conscious beings assisting us on every level of the energy system in which we exist. Their purpose as ours is to further the development of the human race and the other life forms on the earth. Our development is vital not only to ourselves but also to the earth and the other life forms on the earth given our mental capabilities and the expectation that we are here to serve as stewards on the earth. The beings of the universe are invested in our success since our evolution furthers the evolution of all of creation.

Since our role in this process of speeding evolution is to develop and implement a plan to galvanize action, let me outline a possible approach to the organizing effort. In order to have impact on the American cultural consciousness, the organizing would have to take place throughout the country, however, to illustrate the strategy let me focus on the strategy for a single city. The first step would e to form an organizing committee with a core of volunteers. Their initial objective after developing organizing materials would be to identify a diversity of constituencies to contact. The broader the initial range of thinking in the development of the group, the greater the impact once the organization begins to grows. Outreach should be to women's and men's groups, unions, business groups, a variety of racial groups, as well as organizations that are considered moderate to conservative as well as those viewed as progressive and radical. If the purpose of the organizing is to impact the society, then the organizing targets need to reflect the society.

Once there is a core of thirty to forty people, the organizing focus can move beyond recruitment to what I would see as the three continuing areas of concentration: a) Supporting the ongoing struggle for the equitable distribution of resources; b) Building support for a governance system based on enlightened self interest; c) Creating a dialogue focused on assuring that the public education curricula includes subject matter focused on the value to the society of a system based on recognition of equality, equity, enlightened self interest, and economic cooperation.

For a moment let's discuss the work and possible strategies for three standing committees:

A) Committee for an Equitable Distribution of Resources:

This area is the key short range focus for two reasons. Any serous organizing effort has to build a base for a long term struggle. Yet, to build such a base, people have to believe that the organizers and organization are as concerned about helping them work on their day to day problems as they are concern about long range organizing goals. Through connecting with organizations involved in day to day struggles, the organizers will be linking the long range issues with the day to day struggles, thereby demonstrating their commitment to being allies of people in their day to day fights for justice and fair treatment.

B) Committee to Build Support for A System of Democratic Enlightened Self Interest (DESI):

In addition to connecting the long range vision to people's short term struggles, there has to be a continual seeding of people's consciousness with the idea. With any concept, particularly a newly framed concept, it takes constant repetition in order to make an impact on people's consciousness. That's why advertisers pay to have their ads repeated continuously in order to develop a place in people's mental information systems. Obviously, there won't be the funds for paid advertising. However, there are a wide variety of public access TV and radio opportunities as well as neighborhood newspapers looking for topical issues. The point is to look for as many opportunities in as many parts of the city as possible.

A key aspect of the committee's work would be to identify one of the seven principles that could be used as an organizing objective in the city. For example, in Boston, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the development of public participation in the City's budgeting process. Since the City's budget allocates capital improvement money for each of the nine districts, there could be a campaign to build into the City's budget a specific amount of money that each district could allocate to a capital improvement need or needs identified through community hearings and approved by a vote of district residents.

C) Committee on Public Education regarding DESI:

This committee should focus primarily on impacting public education since the above committee will be communicating with the broader public. This area is the most important of all the committee. The reality is that over time we can build structures and change processes in order to encourage the development of a process of enlightened self interest. Yet it is the attitude of the public that will determine the time it will take to bring about the changes in behavior and attitude on the part of public officials.

I am not underestimating the resistance that is in the American cultural psyche in terms of treating people with respect and consideration. This culture teaches us in many ways to devalue others in order to establish value for ourselves. We are encouraged to see differences as bad and conformity as good. Rather than cooperation, controlling someone else's behavior seemed to be the goal individually and collectively.

This controlling behavior takes many forms in the culture. Look at the extent of domestic violence. Obviously, as men we have had it bred into our psyche that we have a right to control women. However, there is more occurrences on the part of women than before although miniscule compared to male behavior. The workplace reeks with the stench of domination and control. A friend of mine, Jean Alonso, wrote a brilliant book, "The Patriots", about her work in a defense plant where the attitudes I am describing were rampant.

Among children, this attitude of disrespecting and ridiculing those who seem or are different is reaching an epidemic proportion. States including Massachusetts are passing laws requiring school systems to include subject matter that combat the attitudes that lead to bullying. One of the driving factors of the increased concern is the growth in high profile school age suicides based on bullying. The Children's Defense Fund reports that there is a suicide by a child every five hours. The Center for Disease Control reports that there are 100 failed attempts for every childhood suicide. A recent university study indicated that children who have been bullied are approximately 25% more likely to commit suicide than those who have not experienced bullying.

Ironically, the fact that there is this growing attention on bullying and the requirement in Massachusetts and elsewhere that there be education at every level on the issue presents the organizing initiative an opportunity to bring its message of respect, consideration, and cooperation into the school system. The members of this committee who are available during the day could volunteer to assist those in the system who are working with students. This would give an opportunity to see the curricula as well as observe the response of students to different methods of working on the issue. In order to develop materials that might supplement those in the system, research could be done on training exercises that are used in human development and organizational development workshops where there is a lot of creative work being done in this area.

I would also suggest the possibility of the development of a fourth committee that would focus on the area of educating the members and eventually the general public on the principles of esoteric science. The contributions that esoteric science can make to the process of educating the public on the value of changing our attitudes are significant. Among those having the greater impact would be the principle that each of us have at the core of our energy system a spark of divine energy that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent on its plane of energy.

Another would be the principle that after death of the physical body, our desire/astral body goes through a cleansing process. Through this process, the individual experiences all the pleasures and pains that others have experienced through the individual's behavioral interactions with them. This is part of the after life experience that religions refer to as Hell for those who have spent a lifetime behaving without regard for the effect of their behavior on others. At the point where there begins to be an acceptance of those beliefs on the part of the culture, I believe that they would definitely influence our attitude toward our relationships with others in a positive way.

The strengthening of an attitudinal change as described above would certainly strengthen the building of a system of enlightened self interest within our governance system. Obviously, we are far from the point where there is even a beginning of an understanding which is why the committees would focus on the areas described. However, there would be a value, I believe, in beginning a process of education within the committee on the principles of the science. This could be done by bringing together representatives of local esoteric science groups to see if they would be willing to work together on developing a course to educate members.

The danger of bringing this focus into the organization is that some could see it as an attempt to influence their religious views as well as an attempt to start some type of cult or religious movement. Both of those ideas would be incorrect but very harmful to a serious attempt to reform our political process. Therefore, it represents a significant potential liability to try to integrate esoteric science into the building of the organization. I raise it in this discussion with the thought that if there are some who are interested in the possibility of doing organizing around the concept of democratic enlightened self interest, the issue of where, when, how, and if the subject of esoteric science fits into the organizing should be considered.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the discussion of committee work, it should be seen as the life blood of the organization. It spreads the idea. It results in the recruiting of new members. It helps provide additional resources and energy for the day to day battles. It plants the seeds in the minds of our young people that respect, consideration, and cooperation are not only the keys to their success and happiness but also the key to the health and prosperity of the communities in which they reside.

This organizational focus for a progressive agenda has focused on building an organization whose objective is structural and attitudinal change. I have stayed away from organizing around particular policy issues because the crisis is rooted in attitudes and structures. Focusing on policies only leaves the roots unchanged. If you don't get to the roots of the crisis, our garden will continue to be filled with weeds that can choke the life out of any beautiful policy changes achieved. I think, however, that the organizing I am suggesting would create the opportunity to begin a needed national discussion on what I would call a Super Policy Issue.

There is, I believe, a drastic need for a Constitutional amendment that adds an Economic Bill of Rights. I call it a Super Policy issue because to me the absence of a legal framework of economic rights is the the core substantive issue we have in this country relating to economic justice. While a Bill of (Civil) Rights was added to the Constitution to protect the Civil Rights of the people, we have no Bill of Economic Rights. Why would the ruling aristocracy consider a Bill of Economic Rights when they were creating a central government to keep more effective control of those who might consider challenging their economic rights. The absence of any framework for economic rights to protect the people from the power of the aristocracy allows the hypocrisy that parades itself as democracy to flourish. Of course, that was the Founding Fathers' plan.

If you claim to have a democracy within the framework of a free trade economy with an absence of progressive taxation and economic rights, you have a tyranny of the aristocracy. We don't even provide our workers the legal protections provided by the governments of Europe. Given the centrality of the question of economic rights to the chaos that confronts us, we must begin as soon as soon as possible to consider the question of how to achieve economic justice. Economic justice will not fall from the sky. It has to emerge from people working together to develop a system of economic cooperation that results in a just use and distribution of economic resources. This organizational framework focused on the development of a system of democratic enlightened self interest provides an excellent framework to begin this long overdue discussion.

One question that may confront the organizers is whether a focus on the maximization of benefit to the maximum number of people is moving toward socialism or even some kind of communism. There are two appropriate responses. The first i would suggest is to remind them that a democracy is supposed to be a political formation where people agree to give up their individual liberty to a central government in order to receive benefits. Therefore the idea that whatever governmental action is taken, there should be maximum benefits for the maximum number of people speaks to the essence of democracy. Why would anyone give up their liberty in the theoretical state of nature to be under a government if s/he didn't have the assurance that they would not be exploited by the government to the benefit of some favored group.

The other response is that the concept of maximum benefit for the maximum number of people was introduced in England by the famous reformer, Jeremy Bentham, during the 1800s. He was concerned with the fact that the society was controlled by aristocrats who were using the democratic process to enrich themselves while the people were becoming poorer and poorer. He played a significant role in introducing many reforms particularly in the area of their legal system. His concept was called utilitarianism.

In order to avoid the trap of hypocrisy ourselves, we have to constantly remind ourselves that the toxicity of the American culture affects us all regardless of class, race, gender, sexual preference, or political affiliation or perspective. We all have to guard against the dangers of behaving as if we are entitled to special treatment; as if we are entitled to be viewed as part of the American aristocracy. Perhaps, we are not fixated on wealth as the basis of our belief in our right to differential treatment by others. However, entitlement, the belief in the right to special treatment by others, is cancerous whether based on education, position, reputation, or even on our sacrifices in behalf of the cause of justice. All of us have to constantly remind ourselves that everyone has a divine spark, a monad, and therefore in addition to their human personality has a divine spark within h/er energy system. Remember Christ told us that it was not enough to love God. It was equally important to love our neighbor as our self.

As I conclude this discussion on the relationship between esoteric science and its relationship to the shaping of a progressive agenda, I need to make clear that I think the biggest problem we as progressives and people in the country face is internal not external. That problem is fear. Winston Churchill, English prime minister during WW II, who I believe was familiar with esoteric science, stated an esoteric principle when he said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" during the bombardment of London.

From the perspective of esoteric science, we are here on earth to learn lessons. Our objective is not to have fancy clothes and fine cars. These are not problems if they can be afforded and are not idolized but they are not the objective of our lives here on earth. We are here on earth to learn how to develop positive relationships with our fellow human beings and all life forms on the earth as well strengthen our devotion to our Creator as part of the process of reunification with our Higher Self.

Our instinctive reactions to danger and the emotions that William James theorized follow the instinctive reaction were a protective element of an earlier stage of development. As human beings we are now at a level of consciousness where we can understand that we are not alone. We are part of a system of energies working toward the evolution of the earth and all its beings. Our Higher Self plays a key role in this process in guiding us through the pitfalls and quick sands. As we develop our understanding of the process we can understand the logic of the 23rd psalm of King David, one of the world's greatest esoteric scientists, when he said, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me."

As our commitment to play an active role in furthering evolution grows, we are constantly receiving guidance if we are able to hear it. An intense focus on desire, fear, and emotions that create static will distract us from understanding what we need to do to manage the problems we are facing and learn from them. This is not to say that I believe that by following our guidance, life will always result in what we would view as a positive happy outcome. However, following our guidance will enable us to manage our life experience in a way that will move us forward on the path of evolution.

My experience over the last three years and two months is confirmation to me of that reality. When arrested, I decided that since I was innocent, I was experiencing one of the challenges that are part of the path of those attempting to move evolution forward. My responsibility I believed was to try to move beyond the negative emotions of the moment, speak truth to my people and those in power, and follow my principles regardless of the potential outcome. Many of my friends still remind me of their belief that I shouldn't have testified. My response is that I have always said that we must stand up for the truth. When my moment came to speak truth no matter how strange it sounded, I couldn't hide behind my lawyer. I had to be guided by my principles and accept the consequences.

I resented being sent to prison. I was demoralized by the reality that many of those around me felt that I had abandoned them by testifying and making it more likely that I would be convicted. However, I also understood that as a student of esoteric science my responsibility was to acknowledge my feelings but focus on the work that I needed to do. Many of us thought that I would focus on organizing in prison. However, given the unusual nature of the federal work camps or at least the one I am in, I found that my work needed to focus on strengthening myself on every level.

Because of my understanding of the principles of esoteric science, I will emerge from prison a healthier, happier, wiser, and perhaps most important a more effective warrior for justice. Fear is the enemy. Negative emotions are its allies. Don't ignore them when they come. Given the fact that we all drink from the same well of emotional energy, they will come. When they do come, recognize their presence but focus your attention on the sun of your Higher Self that is guiding you to manage whatever the challenge that is being presented. The challenge is your opportunity for your to demonstrate your progress.

We must learn to see ourselves as the crown of creation. We are the only life form on earth with mental capacity. It has taken the Logos/God and the Celestial Beings, the creative forces of the cosmos, universe, and solar system eons of time to produce the human species with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (higher thought) capabilities. Not only are we the crown of creation but also we are here to serve as stewards of the earth. We are here to help the other life forms on the earth in their evolutionary journey. Since we are in our first stage of mental evolution, we have a lot to learn. We must be open to the guidance of our Higher Self and not let the arrogance of our personality block our inner light. Despite our capabilities we are still students and need to follow the guidance of our teachers, seen and unseen.

I often wondered when I was younger how my ancestors were able to survive the unimaginable experiences of being a slave; being treated as if we were animals, a possession of another human being. Given the pain that I experienced in my small ups and downs of life, how could I have endured seeing the woman I loved and our children sold off as if they were pieces of property and not cherished loved ones. Even as I type the words the chill pervades my physical and emotional body. Only as I began to understand the principles of esoteric science did I understand that our African ancestors brought with them an understanding of their relationship with their Higher Selves. Following their internal guidance enabled them to withstand "The slings and arrows of the outrageous fortune" as they struggled with the reality of being the physical property of human beings who did not have the emotional, mental, or spiritual capacity or will to recognize and acknowledge our ancestors' humanity despite the fact they called themselves Christians.

During these trying times that confront us, we all have to remember regardless of our race the struggles that all our ancestors encountered as they prepared the way for our arrival. They had to use their internal power to meet the challenges they were facing. If they were able to manage the challenges that they faced in their time, who are we to doubt our capacity to continue the process of laying the foundaton for future generations by meeting the challenges of our time. We repay our ancestors for their courage and fortitude by assuring that the chain will not be broken.

Growing up in the forties and fifties, I learned that it wasn't the material possessions that brought joy and happiness. It was the giving and sharing. It was the understanding that even if the outside world was cold and cruel, we had each other and our love to keep us warm even when we had our human fights and quarrels. That's why I understand that love is always the answer and that there is nothing to fear except fear itself.

Part 6: A Model of Political and Economic Development as a Building Block for the New Age:

At age 59, I decided to enter electoral politics by running for a seat on the Boston City Council representing the predominantly black and Latino district in which I had lived for 33 years. I was not interested in starting a political career. Since I had always worked from outside the system I thought an experience of working inside could be helpful in developing strategies for the future. Even if I didn't win, Terri, my wife, and I believed that at the very least the campaign would stimulate organizing in the community which seemed at an all time low. I was also interested in testing the effectiveness of an organizing model of political representation.

The victory enabled me to establish at our own expense a district office and monthly meetings of constituents and activists as the base of the organizing model. While there were many concrete accomplishments which I have detailed in other reflections, when the time came to run for a fifth term, I had decided that it was time to try another path. As I looked at the situation in my district and the adjacent district which was also predominantly black, the situation was bleak. Our middle class was being decimated by the recession/depression despite the fact that Massachusetts had lower unemployment numbers than the rest of the country. Our home ownership progress was being decimated through the mortgage scammers who had targeted our communities.

Our poverty was the second highest in the city. Unemployment among youth was around the 40% to 50%. Unemployment and underemployment for adults was in the 30% category. People with criminal records were being refused low level employment. Over a twenty year period, the majority of the murders in the city had happened in the black community and half of those murders were by people under twenty five murdering people under twenty five. Despite having well organized community health centers and a well run Public Health Commission, health disparities continued at a high level. Despite many innovations by our black school superintendent, our school system was in turmoil and the performance of our children, particularly males trailed those of other races.

During my three and a half terms, I had had numerous policy disagreements with the Mayor. However, I thought he was trying to distribute resources equitably. We had a black governor who I thought was conscious of our dilemma and was trying within his political limits to be of assistance. I saw the problem as structural, not just based on the actions of specific politicians. Changing political leaders, alone, was not the answer. The reality was and is that we are trapped in an economy that has no place for a large number of us. Obviously, this creates an atmosphere of despair and hopelessness that effects both young and old in a variety of destructive ways and keeps crime flourishing.

As an organizer and student of esoteric science, I knew that we had the potential to do better, tremendously better. As an organizer, I had seen people in this community forty years ago astound even themselves with their creativity, energy, and capacity for work as we took advantage of the opportunities to do something for ourselves to change the conditions that confronted us. I had seen new organizations developed and run by people who others said didn't have the ability that they demonstrated. Yet, forty years later, the opportunities were no longer there and our children didn't even know what we had accomplished.

As a student of esoteric science, I knew that as human beings we all have a higher consciousness that gives us the capability of infinite creativity. I know that as human beings we are born with a capacity for success in life. However, that capacity has to be nourished by creating an environment in which each of us is encouraged to move beyond narrow self-interested desires and negative self images. In a community of people who have been programmed for failure, it is the person of exceptional will who is able to break free and demonstrate the capacity that is in each of us.

We needed space in which to recreate ourselves through the building of a new community, a new way of life, and an economy that could support our community and way of life. We had the need and capacity to transform ourselves. Through esoteric science we had the information necessary to transform ourselves. However, we needed a plan through which we could put together the environment necessary for us to demonstrate to ourselves and the world who we really are. Yes, we were the descendents of slaves but we had the choice of whether to see ourselves as slave or free and behave accordingly.

My study of history had shown that almost from the arrival here of the first Europeans, there has been a continuous migration of people leaving the communities in which they had originally settled. Sometime the reason was religious oppression; sometimes political oppression; and sometimes economic oppression. Regardless of the motivation, the objective of the migration was to identify and settle in a new space that would give them the opportunity to be free of the obstacles of the past.

It seemed that it was time for us to begin to plan to follow this historic tradition. All of us couldn't go but if we could get one hundred pioneers to begin the movement, we could begin to inspire the whole community so that those that stayed behind would be challenged to do more with what they had. With no vision of our doing anything to seriously change our condition as a people, we were not giving our children or adults motivation to take themselves and their future seriously. It seemed that a few pioneers with a plan could bring the "dry bones" to life.

By the middle of my fourth term as a City Councilor, it was clear to me that I needed to make a transition from my role as Councilor. It was time for me to focus on helping us prepare for the future rather than continuing to bandage the wounds from the past. I announced during my campaign that if elected for a fifth term, I would only run for two more terms, a sixth and a seventh. This six year transition would give me time to put together a plan and an initial group of pioneers as well as make a transition from the work I had been doing as a Councilor.

As an organizer, I knew that in order to persuade people that a new and radical idea made sense, a plan was needed. Only with a plan, could I begin to satisfy people's need to believe enough in the feasibility of the idea to even talk seriously about it. I knew that there was information available on housing strategies, agricultural strategies, and educational strategies that could be applied to a new community. There was information on the attempts by others to start new communities. The initial research needed to be concentrated on identifying a cash crop to use as the base of the economic strategy. We needed a crop that not only could be sold but also could be used as raw material in the development of products that could be sold. There would have to be an industrial component as well as an agricultural component if we were to build a sustainable economic venture.

Having heard of the major role industrial hemp has played in the New England and national economy before the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) put it on its restrict drug list in the 20s, I asked an intern from a local university to research its use. By the time Desiree had finished her research, I was convinced that we had found the ideal crop. Hemp could provide not only a produce that could be sold but also would provide us with the raw materials necessary to make a variety of products that could be sold in Boston and else where. The income could play a vital role in the community's development. We could bring hemp back to its former existence as a cash crop not only in New England but also throughout the Midwest.

Desiree's research revealed that hemp can be used for making rope, paper, cloth, insulation, lotions, and furniture as well as scores of other products. It is reported that Henry Ford used it both for the bodies of his Model T Fords as well as a main ingredient of the ethanol that he used as fuel for his cars. The problem to be overcome would be its presence on the DEA restricted drug list. While not hallucinogenic, it is in the same family as marijuana. The government argues that it could be used as a cover for growing marijuana. Botanists counter this argument with the fact that since industrial hemp is a male plant and marijuana is a female plant when they cross pollinate, the hallucinogenic quality of the marijuana would be destroyed. It seemed that if we could highlight its economic value to the state and country, we had a good chance of having it removed from the restricted drug list. The irony is that it is legal to import hemp and use it as a raw material but illegal to grow it.

The benefit of growing hemp seemed to be such a critically important element in building an economic base for the movement that the fight to legalize it by having it removed from the DEA list seemed worth the effort. Six states including Vermont have passed legislation allowing their farmers to grow it but they can't get licenses from DEA. Our thinking at the beginning of 2008 was that if we could pass legislation in Massachusetts; if Obama or Clinton won the nomination and the Presidency; and if we could persuade Governor Patrick to lobby the new President; we had a reasonable chance of getting DEA at the very least to grant licenses to the states that had passed legislation. Lots of "ifs" but as I have always said, "Nothing beats a failure but a try."

Our legislative strategy was a four legged stool. Desiree was to write an application to the Harvard Business School asking that a cost-benefit analysis of the legalization of growing industrial hemp in Massachusetts be considered as one of the community projects that B School students selected each year for course credit. The second was to secure the support of the University of Massachusetts School of Agriculture to do a study of the feasibility of growing hemp in Massachusetts. The third legal was to lobby the Co-chairs of the House-Senate State Agricultural Committee to sponsor legislation legalizing the growing of industrial hemp in Massachusetts. The final leg was the organizing of a political support group. Desiree agreed that if we could raise the money for her salary after graduation in the spring, she would coordinate organizing of a legislative support group composed of environment activists, farmers, business people, and citizens who liked the idea.

By October 2008, we had met with a group of Harvard Business School students who had agreed to work with us on the cost benefit analysis. We were preparing to work on the second and third leg of the project when the sky fell. On November 21, 2008, former Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan implemented his plan to have me arrested with the help of the FBI and his "cooperating witness" Ron Wilburn who was paid $30,000 for his cooperation. Since I could not envision being convicted of a crime that hadn't taken place, I continued moving forward.

Understandably, Desiree felt that she could not afford to continue her involvement. The Harvard Business School students found excuses to drop the project. I met with the House Cochair of the Joint Agriculture Committee who wasn't encouraging. Eventually, I decided that with all my other work and problems, I needed to put the project on the shelf at least until I had a quiet moment to think more carefully about next steps. Over three years have passed since former U.S. Attorney Sullivan put a roadblock in my attempt to "break new ground". However, the need is greater than it was in 2008 for an agricultural/industrial strategy for those whose future isn't even being considered.

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to see that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is calling for a retooling of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's agricultural/industrial plan to promote our economic development. I am proud of the Minister's efforts. I believe he is showing true leadership by emphasizing a "do for self" strategy. Our dependence on others is clearly not moving us forward as a people. However, the need is too great and the crisis is too severe for any one organization to shoulder the responsibility for a national effort alone, even the Nation of Islam.

There is a need for a movement of religious, business, civic, political, and social organizations to come together and develop a strategy to create bases throughout the United States which give us an opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves and the world our capacity to put ourselves to work while taking care of those who can not care for themselves. We have to have pioneers building rural land bases outside our cities to bring out of the city those who need the opportunity to grow and develop as well as those who need the support of a loving community. From these bases food and products can be sent back into the cities to create an economy for the land bases.

One may argue that such a strategy is deserting those left in the cities since the numbers who would be able to go onto the land would be relatively small. While the numbers will be relatively small, particularly in the initial stages, the psychological impact will be great. Seeing black pioneers taking responsibility to develop an economy through our own efforts would inspire our youth and adults in the cities. I believe this would increase their motivation to take themselves seriously in order to become an asset for the community not a liability. History shows that in those areas where the civil rights movement was active in the '60s, crime went down.

I have focused my discussion on the building of a "back to the land" movement from a black perspective. However, my belief is that we need a movement of all people who feel trapped going back to the land. As said earlier, historically those who have felt oppressed in the settled areas of this country have moved to the land. The homesteading movement in the 1800s that developed large sections of the Midwest was spearheaded by those who felt that they needed a new environment. As I watched the "Occupy" encampments springing up across the country, I saw a foreshadowing of a movement to occupy land not just to protest but to build. While I focused on the fact that it is unrealistic for the black community to assume a rebuilding of this country's economy that will include the majority of those in our community who are unemployed and underemployed, I think that the same is true for the people of our country in general.

I understand the argument that such a movement could not grow quickly enough to take care of the needs of all those who are unemployed. However, the generation of productive agricultural and industrial activity on the land outside of cities would also generate jobs inside the city. Equally important, a movement focused on putting our people back to work not in government jobs but in jobs designed to build a sustainable agricultural and industrial community that is cooperatively owned by its members would be a true challenge to the aristocracy. As progressives, we talk about the dangers we face as agribusiness takes over the food production of America. Talk, however, is easy. People taking to the land not only to grow their own food but also to supply food to people in nearby cities is an action step not rhetoric.

A movement focused on identifying the opportunity for import substitutions state by state, region by region, would be a challenge that was substantial and within our control. We would be directly challenging the holders of wealth who won't invest their money in this country. Rather than help us develop ourselves and our country they would rather start companies overseas, sell the products to us, and then refuse to pay taxes. At this moment, American capitalists have two trillion dollars, yes--Two Trillion Dollars--in offshore banks that they are refusing to bring back to this country unless the tax rate is cut from 35% to 5%. They have no shame. Its time to stop the Robber Barons but slogans and rhetoric are not enough.

The progressive movement's greatest dilemma is the lack of an economic strategy to empower our people beyond the union movement. I believe in the principle of unions and the practice of unionism. Unfortunately, the life is being squeezed out of the union movement by the aristocracy, their allies at all levels of government, and a significant segment of the American people who have been bamboozled into thinking that the unions are blocking their ability to get their share of the wealth. In addition, unions are dependent for their very existence on decisions made by corporate boards. Look at what has happened to the union movement since the decisions by these boards beginning in the seventies to move their companies overseas.

In the economic crisis facing the people of this country, the progressive movement finds itself looking to the forces whose policies led to the crisis--corporations and government--for the solutions. The cruel irony of the moment is that we find ourselves dependent on those who have continually demonstrated a lack of constructive concern for the people of this country as a whole. How do we challenge these forces if we do not at least try to break our dependence on them for jobs, food, and the very clothes on our backs.

I can appreciate the argument that what I am suggesting would require tremendous energy, determination, and courage. I will admit that to many what I am proposing seems impossible; wishful thinking at best. If there is a more practical and reasonable way to break the stranglehold of the aristocracy, I am certainly willing to listen. However, In the absence of an alternative to the strategies we have been trying, I suggest that it is insane to expect strategies that have failed in the past and are failing now to succeed in the future. The people of this country and our future generations deserve more from us. To me the question is whether we have the courage to believe that we have the capability to build a New World:

A world where fair treatment is the standard!

A world where respect for all is is the practice!

A world where cooperation on every level is the reality!

A world where the divinity of all is acknowledged by all.

A world in which Love is the Answer to Every Question!

Esoteric science believes we have that capability. What do you believe?

Part 7: Postscript

I do not plan to post any reflections on esoteric science or politics/activism until the spring. My plan is to use the time to study, exercise, and relax. While I have appreciated the opportunity to put this reflection together, it has taken a lot of energy. I am looking forward to recharging my batteries.

I would encourage those of you who have questions, comments, or concerns with what you have just read to send them to or to They will be forwarded to me. If I receive such inquiries, I will try to put a composite response together and post it in April. If there are those who would like to have an offline discussion, please include your name and address and I will respond by snail mail.

Let me close this reflection by updating you on my incarceration. My release date is November 2, 2013, assuming that I don't lose any of my good time. However, I will be eligible for home confinement or a half way house by July 17, 2013 which is approximately 18 months from now.

My appeal brief was filed in early December by my appeal lawyer Charles Rankin who is being paid by the federal govenrment. I was very impressed by the brief that he and his assistant Michelle Megan put together. The prosecutor's office was supposed to have their response in by the beginning of January but asked for an extension till the end of January. Now they have asked for an extension to the beginning of March. I think that is an encouraging sign but I am not taking anything for granted.

On this coming Monday Attorney Chester Darling who volunteered to represent me in my challenge to my removal from City Council will be presenting oral arguments before the Supreme Judicial Court beginning at 9 a.m in the Adams Court House across from City Hall. His brief is also very impressive. I believe it shows conclusively that Council Yancey was correct when he told Corporation Counsel Sinnott and the Council that they had no legal grounds to remove me.

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Attorney Darling and Mr. Paul Walkowski, former chief of staff for James 'Jimmy' Kelly who was a Boston City Councilor until his death a few years ago. Attorney Darling called Councilor Yancey and I shortly after my removal and said that based upon discussions with Mr. Walkowski he was interested in coming out of retirement to represent me free of charge. He said that both he and Mr. Walkowski felt that the Council had no legal right to remove me and should be challenged regarding the injustice. Mr. Walkowski devoted countless hours to researching the law and Attorney Darling has written three brilliant briefs.

The SJC's decision regarding whether there was a legal basis for my removal will be forwarded to the Chief Justice of the Massachusetts federal court, Mark Wolf. Attorney Darling filed the case with the federal court and Judge Wolf agreed to hear the case. However, since it involves electoral law, he has asked the state Supreme Judicial Court to give him their opinion. The decision will not affect my incarceration in any way. Nevertheless, I think it is important for the public to know that there was no legal basis for my removal.

While I certainly would like to be at home immediately, life here at the camp continues to go well. I am using the time constructively and as I said in the reflection, whenever I return to Boston, I believe I will return in better physical, emotion, mental, and spiritual condition than when I left. Hope life is going well for you all.

Yours in Solidarity,


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