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Messages to Sen. Kerry - Methuen, Lawrence, Amherst, Weymouth and more

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Please end the wars. We need money for education, food, and housing. Don’t cut social security.

Methuen, MA

Please schedule public hearings, end the wars. We need jobs and education.

Lawrence, MA

Please keep taxation proportionate so the rich are paying their fair share and corporate tax loopholes are closed.

Amherst, MA

We got some problems. People need money, healthcare, food, and the ability to live. People don’t need to drive limos and eat caviar. People don’t need to shoot guns and die. People are not corporations. Therefore corporations are not people. All this should be considered.

Jefferson, MA

Decrease taxes for middle and poverty classes. Increase taxes on the rich. Stop lobbying for the people who line your pockets but for those who voted you into office.

Weymouth, MA

As a worker in child mental health in inner city Worcester, I am deeply distressed by the worsening economic divide between working class people and the all-too-evident under-taxed rich. Please “remember the neediest” in your fight for fairness.

Newton, MA

Sacrifice must be shared in these difficult times. We must protect Medicaid and Medicare. The rich need to pay their fair share, as must corporations. Please do not forget the poor and disadvantaged in your negotiations.

Brighton, MA

Education is our future and health care, housing, and food are basic human needs. Why should the rich get richer while the majority sacrifice and suffer? The threatened cuts are not just money. They are lives and pain. Listen to the people and not big business. Don’t cut these services!

Boston, MA

A lot of the state funds are very handy to people in need and low income families, and I am one. I have an infant and I work and go to school. The funds I receive make it possible to do so and achieve my goals in life. We need the jobs and the help whether it’s for assistance for our cold homes in the winter, food for our homes, schools for our children.

Boston, MA

I have two nephews in their thirties who don’t vote and argue that it doesn’t matter because special larger interests even more powerful than the president, than Congress, than all of the government are running the show. I used to be able to argue with them but I’ve lost ground for my arguments. I’m writing this because a neighbor asked for my support – at least I can do that much for her. Please follow your conscience – to the extent you can.

Jamaica Plain, MA

Stop the war and use to money to:
1. Reduce the deficit
2. Repair our infrastructure
3. Save our environment – our land
4. Build out new healthcare system
Please stay true to your principles and values. You can do it for all of us.

Jamaica Plain, MA