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Roslindale's Messages to Sen. Kerry

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The following messages to Sen. Kerry were written on postcards by people visiting the Roslindale Farmer's Market on October 15, 2011.

“Don't compromise on social security and medicaid. These are hard earned and important / vital benefits that millions of Americans pay for an depend on. Don't give in!!”

“The people of this country who do work hard at raising their families should not have to sacrifice their futures. Cutting Medicare, Pell grants and Social Security will only hurt the futures of these hard working adults and our children in the future.”

“If you want our country to be truly competitive, we need an overhaul in how we invest in K-12 education. Investment in this priority supercedes any other national interest as it will impact EVERY national interest in 20 years.”

“I'm a new teacher! I love my job so much, but I live in fear of losing it, or not making enough money and pay back my loans and maintain a family. Please help protect the middle class.”

“My mother is in her later years of her life – she should not have to worry about Medicare, Medicaid and her S. S. [Social Security].”

“As a mother and state employee, I can't stress how important it is to protect working families. Their children are our future.”

“It is important to fight and care for the people that elect you and the President. We are hurting and are the 99%! The banks and Wall Street need to be held accountable. The budget needs to include everyone.”

“Please speak courageously and forefully against the myth of “taxes” as the great evil. The argument makes no sense and I think many Democrats have lost focus.”

“Please vote for tax increases on the super rich and stop bailing out Wall Street!!!”

“Keep the money with the people! Be sure you're considering all of us!”

“I ask that you carefully consider what “compromise” means – we, the 99%, have already given so much. Cuts to health & human service programs will only increase the growing divide in our country. Please preserve these life-saving programs and look to areas of the budget where we can afford cuts – particularly military spending.”