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March and Rally to Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad

When: Saturday, October 15, 2011, 10:00 am
Where: Park Street Station at Boston Common • (Park & Tremont) • Boston

Stop Government Attacks on Unions, Muslims, Immigrants and Communities of ColorAmericans want the wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere to end. Instead, the White House has extended and expanded its war actions, now entering its second decade, with no end in sight. US  forces are still in Iraq, assassination drones attack Pakistan and Somalia, and Libya is being bombarded while a new western occupation is planned. The US backs Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine, maintains 900 military bases around the world, and threatens Iran and other countries. Which country will be the next target of US and US-led wars?

These endless wars have terrible costs - lives lost; countries devastated; trillions of dollars spent resulting in service cuts, privatizations, and increased poverty; scapegoating Muslims and immigrants; and other wars at home on the Black, Latino, and Native communities.                 The tiny minority who run the military-economic-industrial-financial machine are thriving while the rest of us increasingly struggle to get by. This has to end!

  • US Troops, Contractors, and Bases out of Afghanistan and Iraq NOW!
  • NATO/US Out of Libya and Pakistan!
  • End US Aid to Israel! Hands-Off Iran!
  • Money for Jobs and Education, Not for War and Incarceration!
  • Bring Our War Dollars Home Now!
  • Stop the Scapegoating of Arabs and Muslims!


Sponsors include: Boston  United National Antiwar Coalition; ANSWER Coalition; United for Justice with Peace (Greater Boston); Boston Stop  the Wars Coalition; Cape Codders for Peace & Justice; International Socialist Organization; International Action Center; New England United Antiwar Network; RI Mobilization Committee; Socialist Party Boston



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