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Anatomy of a FrameUp - Postscript

Reflections from Behind the Wall

Chuck TurnerThis is the postscript to the eight part series, Anatomy of a FrameUP, which describes my two and a half year struggle with the Justice Department which led to my being a convicted felon, now in the 6th month of my 36 month sentence at the USP Hazelton work camp, Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. 


Judge Woodlock, former US Attorney Sullivan, Asst. US Attorney McNeil, Mayor Meninoi, and others thought that my conviction and incarceration at age 70 would be the end of my lifetime of activism. What they didn't understand is that age and circumstances don't define reality. Reality is defined by the spirit that lies coiled within the heart of every human being. 
I have been relocated to the mountains of West Virginia over 700 miles from Boston. It is unlikely, not impossible but unlikely, that I will be able to return to Boston before November 2013 which is my offical release date as long as I can maintain my good time. 
Rather than bemoan my fate, I have taken the only sensible path that an activist can take who finds herself or himself locked away by the forces against which s/he has been fighting. The path I have chosen is to use my time of incarceration to prepare myself and strengthen myself for the struggle that confronts all of us now and will be continuing to confront us as I come out of prison. 
It should be clear that we are witnessing the fall of the remnants of the slave state that was established in 1789 when the Constitution was officially ratified. The corruption that we see in every sector of the American society is the natural outgrowth of a society developed on the ideology that a few are entitled to control the many in the name of democracy while viewing and treating some as less than human. 
I only touch on this reality to say that the question that the future presents is not how to destroy the oligarchy that oppresses us but how to develop ourselves so that as the oligarcy falls, we are able to rebuild America street by street and town by town into a country that reflects our values. 
What I believe is most important at this point is to continue not only to make our values clear through conscious struggle but also to concentrate on developing our capabilities to be the embodiment of the values of the society we seek to create. I know it is an easier task for me, isolated as I am. 
I don't have the stress at the moment that comes from playing an active part in trying to change a decaying society. Nor do I have the challenges of supporting self and family. Obviously, not have those two  responsibilities makes it much easier for me to concentrte on my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development than those of you caught up in the "outside" world. 
However, having experienced the increase of energy, creativity, and gowth through my focus on self development, I have to suggest that we all need to find the time and space to redefine ourselves in the image of the future that we wish to create. We must become phoenixes rising out of the ashes of our past.
I believe that our next phase of struggle needs to focus on creating the future as we engage in fighting the remnants of the past. As we see cut backs in all sectors, it is incumbent that we strengthen ourselves and our ability to do for self and our fellow human beings to the maximum degree possible. Remember the inscription over the Temple of the Delphic Oracle in Greece. "Know thy self". We need to look at ourselves to determine what steps we need to take to make ourselves into beacons of light for a new age.
The Struggle for Justice Continues, 
I would like to thank Mohammed Mustakeem, better known as M. Without his support, guidance, and inspiration to master the physical phane as well as navigate the Hazelton culture, Anatomy of a FrameUP would not have been written as I began my 36 month sentence. 
Next Reflections: 
I am going to take a break from writing for the next few weeks and enjoy the end of the summer/beginning of fall. Beginning the third week in October, I will focus on the subject that I touched on in my May writing regarding my 38 year quest to answer the questions: Where do we come from; Why are we here; and Where are we going. 
As I said then, I have had what people would consider as an excellent academic education and yet was not exposed to what I would consider as any serious thinking regarding those questions. My hope is that I will be able to stimulate you to go beyond the framework of our western cultural understanding in your own thinking and practice.
As we approach the October 12th Columbus day holiday, let us remember that 600 years ago there was a cultural belief, not held by all obviously, that the world was flat. Columbus and others expanded western cultural consciousness by demonstrating its roundness. It is time for another expansion of our understanding of ourselves and the world. I hope to help by adding my thoughts to the boiling cauldron. 
Let me suggest that as part of the process of seeking to expand consciousness, you read Metu Neter volume 1 and 2 by Ra Un Neter Amen. Through his writings, he is trying to help us regain the knowledge that enabled the Kamitians (Egyptians)to build a civilization 6000 years ago whose miraculous achievements the western world is still trying to understand.


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