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St. Patrick's Peace Parade - SUNDAY

Veterans for Peace parade, Boston, Veterans Day, 2010
Veterans for Peace march on Veterans Day, November 10, 2010. Open Media Boston photo by Jason Pramas
Energy is building for the St. Patrick's Peace Parade to be mounted this Sunday, March 20, by Veterans for Peace with the support of UJP and Join the Impact - Massachusetts.   Channel 5 covered the Peace Parade and the controversy in its 11pm newscast last night, as did The Metro this morning and The Boston Globe last week.
The Peace Parade falls on the day after the 8th anniversary of the unjust U.S. war in Iraq.  It is a peace march as well as an assertion of the right to protest.  The Parade will be accompanied by two brass bands and by a landing craft provided by Boston Duck Tours.
Assemble at 2pm at Foundry and Greenbaum Streets, South Boston - one block west of Broadway MBTA Station. Look for VFP flags as you exit Broadway station.  Do not attempt to drive because the area will be congested.   Bring peace banners and signs.

Themes for the Day:

· How is the War Economy Working for You?
· Bring the Troops Home, Take Care of Them When They Get Here
· Cut Military Spending, Save Jobs: Teachers, Firemen, Police
· Peace is Patriotic! “Not a Dirty Word”

Please join Veterans For Peace and other peace and social justice organizations for this historic alternative “people’s parade” following the official Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

Background: Veterans for Peace were denied permission to walk in the “Official Saint Patrick’s Day Parade”. The stated reason was because the Allied War Veterans Council (War Council) did not want the word “peace” associated with the word “veteran”. They also stated that Veterans For Peace were too political for the parade. As if all the politicians, military formations and bands in the parade are not political?

The City of Boston has issued a permit to Veterans For Peace to have The Saint Patrick’s Day Peace Parade, immediately following the “official parade”. Our parade is a “people’s parade for peace and justice”.

We invite all progressive groups (peace, environmental, women’s rights, civil rights, labor, GLBT etc.) in the greater Boston area to please join us as we follow behind the official parade.   The South Boston parade is the largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the country and is estimated to draw one million spectators. This is a huge opportunity for us to get our message out!

Veterans for Peace

For more information please go to: or email   

For information on how your group can participate, contact:

Pat Scanlon, Veterans For Peace: 978-475-1776
United for Justice with Peace: 617-383-4857
American Friends Service Committee: 617-497-5273

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