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The Power of Nonviolence

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream that was supported by a movement of nonviolence. I would humbly like to propose that if women promote a movement of nonviolence, you will set in motion a movement that will capture the world’s attention.

James Carroll wrote about Martin Luther King (MLK), January 17th, 2011, in the Boston Globe, “the historic shift he had set in motion refused to be stilled.” Women, you too, can begin an historic shift. Carroll wrote that MLK’s “dream remains the measure both of America’s obligation and, yes, its hope.” The whole world will join a movement of nonviolence, not just America, because it is everyone’s obligation and hope for peace.

A movement of nonviolence led by women, is not about women, it is about working for humanity. Men are included (Civil Rights movement was led by Blacks but was for everyone). However, if women take the lead, it will make a “difference” and will surely affect their own issues.

The whole world is waiting for something good to happen, something that will make a difference! But it has to be large enough to create attention. The movement will be an “illustration” for the children now, the children of the future, and metaphorically for change, socially and politically. As a result, there will be risks. It will require pain, suffering, and sacrifice. However, with a long term plan of action, no matter what transpires in the short term, no matter what the wounds, the movement will live on! The intricacies are complex, but there is simplicity in setting a plan in motion.

All the social movements are looking for a way to unite, to become larger. A movement of nonviolence addresses all the issues and ties them together. Nonviolence, women leading the way, and the children as the focus will create courage, UNITY, and be the new “catalyst” for hope for the future of humanity.

The Children are Watching !!!

Peace and Love,

Andre Sheldon

MLK wrote in Strength to Love, about nonviolence, “It gives them new self respect. It calls up resources of strength and courage that they did not know they had. Finall, it so stirs the conscience of the opponent that reconciliation becomes a reality.” 

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