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March and Rally: Bring the Troops Home Now!

When: Saturday, April 9, 2011, 9:00 am
Where: Union Square • New York, NY

Bring the Troops Home Now!
March and Rally
April 9th, 2011
New York City and San Francisco
(Union Sq. at noon) (Time and place to be announced)

Bring U.S. Troops Now: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan! End the sanctions and stop the threats of war against the people of Iran, North Korea and Yemen. No to war and plunder of the people of Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa! End U.S. Aid to Israel! End U.S. Support to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine and the Siege of Gaza!
Trillions for jobs, education, social services, an end to all foreclosures, quality single-payer healthcare for all, a massive conversion to sustainable and planet-saving energy systems and public transportation and reparations to the victims of U.S. terror at home and abroad.
End FBI raids on antiwar, social justice, and international solidarity activists, an end to the racist persecution and prosecutions that ravage Muslim communities, an end to police terror in Black and Latino communities, full rights and legality for immigrants and an end to all efforts to repress and punish Wikileaks and its contributors and founders.
immediate end to torture, rendition, secret trials, drone bombings and death squads 



The bus will leave at 7AM from Roxbury Community College Parking Lot, Columbus Ave and Cedar St, Boston 
We plan to be back in Boston about 11 PM. Cost round trip $40, with a $5 donation requested for transportation subsidy fund.
RESERVE YOUR SEAT ONLINE AT BOSTONUNAC.ORG! Pay online, OR call 781-285-8622 (781-285-UNAC) to make
arrangements to bring payment, OR
Send a check payable to New England United to Boston UNAC c/o Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave. Fifth Floor Boston MA  02111.
 Enclose this form with your check and an e-mail response will be your confirmation.   Bring it with you. 
Enclosed is $_____ for ___ round trip tickets (list names phone and email of each passenger) Enclosed is $_____ for scholarships. I
am a student/low income and I can pay $____ toward the cost. 
Name _____________________________________________________
E-Mail  _______________________________   Phone number_________________
School   _____________________________________________
Organization  _________________________________________________________
I want to help the Mobilization! Tell me how ________________________________ 
Please print
Mail to: 
Boston United National Antiwar Committee
c/o Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave. Fifth Floor Boston MA  02111
781-285-8622 (781-285-UNAC) Meetings Mondays 7PM




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