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Report from White House Civil Resistance Action

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by Ross Caputi

The December 16 action in front of the White House was one of the most inspiring that I have participated in in a while. It was cold and snowing, but that did not deter several hundred activists from speaking out against the wars and taking part in civil resistance infront of the White House. In fact, the weather only revealed the dedication and moral integrety of everyone involved, because they were willing to let their fingers freeze and brave arrest to try to help poor people on the other side of this planet whom they have never event met. There is not better expression of solidarity and humanity than to sacrifice one's wellbeing for strangers, and that is what I saw in everyone involved in this action.

I watched a ninety-year old woman take part in civil resistance alongside of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam veterans. I watched young veterans step up as leaders. And I meet people who had traveled from all over the country to participate in this action. All of this makes me believe that we have what it takes to create a powerful anti-war movement and put an end to these wars. All of the ingredients are there, we just need to act, and it is incumbent on us to do so. 

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Ross Caputi is an Iraq War veteran and a Boston University student.