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War = Climate Change = War = Climate Change... Time to Break the Cycle!

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[UJP has signed on to this statement by Climate SOS - Ed.]

There can be no solution to the climate crisis and no “climate justice” so long as the US military and its allies continue to pollute unabated, and to squander lives and resources. Likewise, there will be no end to war so long as global warming continues to accelerate. It’s time to break the cycle and end the death spiral!

Please join us in Cancun and beyond: “System Change” means No to War and No to Warming.


1.Sign on in support (organizations only please), by Dec 8, 2010, to the following resolution to be delivered to US delegates and others during COP16 UN climate conference Nov29-Dec10, 2010, and to the White House and the media, demanding an end to wars, slash US military funding, fund climate and human needs. (please send organization – including country, contact name, title and email address to

2.Forward this page and the accompanying fact sheet widely, use in teach-ins, letter to editors, other outreach. (fact sheet pdf, resolution pdf)

3.Join and get out the word about the April 9, 2011 bi-coastal antiwar demonstrations in NYC and San Francisco (details soon on, and especially the multi-location non-violent direct action component to show that we mean it (for the NVDA, email


US Militarism: Elephant in the Living Room. (Accompanying fact sheet:

  • The US Military and their allies, through their imperial wars and military actions (overt and covert) around the world, has inflicted massive suffering and civilian casualties.
  • The US Military is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, yet these emissions are exempted from reporting requirements.
  • Access to more oil, the burning of which is fundamental cause of climate change – is the primary underlying motive for current wars.
  • Both warfare and climate change are rendering large areas uninhabitable – displacing millions of people as refugees, and yet the rights of immigrants are increasingly limited, threatened and abused.
  • Climate change is likely to result in far more wars, being a “threat multiplier” and now recognized as the greatest looming threat to “security”. Access to resources – including land, food, water – is already becoming increasingly challenging, and scarcities will likely trigger conflict and further displacement in the future.
  • The US Military is also the largest source of toxic chemical and radioactive poisoning of peoples and environment around the globe, and plays a major role in promoting false solutions that only worsen the problems (biofuels, nuclear technologies, climate geoengineering etc)
  • The US and global economy is in shambles, funding for a “fair and just transition” – to ensure that people are not negatively impacted by the necessary transitions, is not forthcoming, “green” jobs remain scarce, millions lack access to basic healthcare.
  • The US has lead the efforts by developed countries in stymieing progress among nations, consistently refusing to pay their ecological debt, owed to non-industrialized countries and their peoples… All while spending trillions on furthering wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere.
  • Our global commons (air, water, forests) is being bought and sold in carbon markets under the guise that this is the ONLY feasible means of generating funds to take necessary actions to prevent and adapt to impacts of climate change. The result is further concentration of wealth and power, at the expense of the planet.

We will not accept the death spiral of militarism, war and climate change. It is time to break the cycle! In Cancun and beyond, we Demand:

  1. An end to oil and resource wars, and reinstatement of diplomacy and respect over use of force in all foreign relations
  2. Troops brought home, military bases abroad closed down and cleaned up, those on US soil dramatically reduced and cleaned up.
  3. Redirection of the vast majority of military funding to fund human services, ensure decent quality of life, payment of ecological and climate debt, and compensation to countries and peoples damaged by US militarism.
  4. Dismantling of the military-industrial complex. Corporations stripped of personhood. Clean elections mandated.
  5. IPCC to create an urgent special report on military emissions, both direct and indirect (e.g., ecosystem damage and desertification due to military activities). No reporting exemptions by powerful countries.
  6. Urgent implementation of “real” as opposed to “false” solutions, to end the use of fossil fuels, and restore and protect public and environmental health.