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Peace Leaders call for Kerry to Hold Afghanistan Hearings

Afghanistan protest, October 2010
From left, Eva Moseley of Peace Action, Joan Ecklein, Annelise Ebbe, and Jean Miller of WILPF, Chris Wyman, and Shelagh Foreman of Peace Action, discuss the Afghanistan war outside Kerry's office October 21. Ebbe, a native of Denmark and co-president of WILPF, is in the United States for WILPF's international board meeting.

Boston, October 21 - A delegation of peace leaders from Massachusetts Peace Action, Women's International League from Peace and Freedom, and United for Justice with Peace, delivered a letter to Senator John Kerry yesterday calling for Senate hearings on the Afghanistan war.

"We urge you, as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to hold hearings during November to evaluate the situation. We are confident that an honest evaluation will show that the situation is steadily deteriorating, that the US is unable to dictate the political future of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and that the cost in US, Afghan, and Pakistani lives and in billions of dollars is unacceptable -- even more so when measured against the utter lack of results achieved," wrote Peace Action representatives Shelagh Foreman and Eva Moseley in the letter.

Foreman handed the letter to Chris Wyman, manager of Sen. Kerry's Boston office, during the peace groups' monthly vigil to end the Afghanistan war outside Kerry's office.    Wyman thanked the activists for their efforts to draw attention to the issue and stayed to discuss the Afghanistan crisis with the group for about 10 minutes.

The text of the letter is attached below.