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Supporting News Articles

Supporting News Articles
Illegal Immigrants: Uncle Sam Wants You In These Times (7/25/07)
Immigration bill offers a military path to US dream The Boston Globe (6/16/07)
Restrictions spreading for military recruiters at South Shore high schools The Patriot Ledger (5/23/07)
America's Broken-Down Army Time Magazine (4/5/07)
Uncle Sam Wants... You? National Education Association Today (4/1/07)
'Bush's war' seen as depressing black re-enlistment The Daily Press (3/25/07)
Survey: More reserve officers saying no to deploying USA Today (3/18/07)
It is Just Not Walter Reed Washington Post (3/5/07)
From Serving in Iraq to Living on the Streets Washington Post (3/4/07)
Increasing Troop Levels The Washington Times (2/27/07)
Army Revises Soldier Requirements to Meet Recruitment Needs The California Aggie (2/22/07)
U.S. Army Giving More Waivers in Recruiting The New York Times (2/14/07)
Raging Grannies Acquitted in New York Democracy Now! (4/28/06)
Protesters Target Military Recruiters on Campus Boston Globe (12/7/05)
Marchers in Boston Blast 'Poverty Draft' Harvard Crimson (12/7/05)
High Court Leans Towards Upholding Military Recruiters' Access to Law Schools Legal Times (12/6/05)
Court Showdown Today Over Military Recruiting USA Today (12/6/05)
Law Schools, Military Battle Over Recruiting Wall Street Journal (12/6/05)
An Army of None Village Voice (11/17/05)
Growing Problem for Military Recruiters: Parents The New York Times (6/3/05)
It's a Video Game, and an Army Recruiter Washington Post (5/27/05)
Military Enlistment: or When a Contract Isn't Contract CounterPunch (5/26/05)
Giving teens an alternative to enlisting Chicago Tribune (5/23/05)
Anticipating protest, Seattle recruiters to close Saturday Army Times (5/19/05)
U.S. Army Misses Enlistment Goal, Counter-Recruitment Efforts Rise (5/11/05)
Sister, Uncle Sam Wants You Too Alternet (5/2/05)
Enrollment in Army ROTC Down in Past 2 School Years Washington Post (4/24/05)
An Army of the Unwilling Inter Press Service (4/23/05)
Garfield High takes a stand against recruiters Seattle University Spectator Online (4/22/05)
Students Move to Ban Military Recruiters WCPO, OH (4/21/05)
Military recruiters met by protesters at career fair Register-Pajaronian (4/21/05)
Campus battlegrounds San Francisco Bay Guardian News (4/19/05)
Military Sweetens Deal, Widens Net for Recruits ABC News (4/16/05)
CCNY Students Back After Altercation Columbia Spectator (4/11/05)
Counter-recruitment fight spreads Socialist Worker Online (4/8/05)
Student Protest Stops CIA at NYU (4/4/05)
The Battle for America's Youth (3/24/05)
Military Recruiters Target Campus Activists ZNET (3/16/05)
The Counter-Recruitment is Gaining Strength Counterpunch (3/15/05)
Military Recruiters Target Community College Students Draft Notices (March/April '05)
Echoes of the '60s - a scuffle with protesters Newsday (3/14/05)
Regular Army falls short of recruiting goal Army Times (3/14/05)
African-American youths are rejecting Army, military says St. Louis Post-Dispatch (3/14/05)
Recruits’ numbers lagging Akron Beacon Journal (3/14/05)
Counter-recruiters’ shadowing the military USA Today (3/7/05)
Army worries about quality Baltimore Sun (3/7/05)
U.S. Army Struggles to Coax Recruits Amid Iraq War Reuters (3/6/05)
Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals in Recruiting Washington Post (2/21/05)
Guard Reports Serious Drop in Enlistment New York Times (12/17/04)
Military recruiters target schools strategically Boston Globe (11/29/04)