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Alternative Vision for the BU Biolab

After almost eight years of struggle to stop the BU BSL4 lab, the Roxbury Safety Net and the Coalition to Stop the Bio-Terror Lab have arrived at a critical moment.  Our scientists are proposing an alternative vision for the BU laboratory, one that would focus its research on prevalent natural diseases and utilize new, safe vaccine and antimicrobial technologies.  By doing so, Boston University could make a major contribution to public health without the hazards of working with dangerous pathogens that require BSL4 laboratories.

For more detail, see the two attached documents:  an Alternative Vision for the Boston University National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory and a Narrative of major milestones in the struggle against the lab.

On October 5th, the Blue Ribbon Panel will return to Boston and we plan to show them the widespread support there is in the community, city and state wide for this alternative vision.  

Download and read the narrative intro and full alternative proposal, attached below.

Please sign the petition here.