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Getting Started

I want you - enlist nowI want you - enlist now

Getting Started


Educate your school administration: Meet with teachers, principals, guidance counselors, and school committee members. Educate them on the No Child Left Behind Act. Learn which administrators are interested in helping with this work. Bring a parent with you to these meetings if possible.


Adopt-a-school: Keep a school supplied with counter-recruitment literature. Contact the guidance counselor’s office and find out where military brochures are displayed. Follow up with school administration and ensure opt-out information has been give to parents and students and that opt-out cards have been mailed. Provide easy to read and translated materials for school administrators to send to parents and students.


Leaflet: Hand out 1/2 page or even 1/4 page leaflets that let youth know that the military is not their only option. Inform students about the drawbacks of military service. Go to schools and places where kids hang out like malls, youth clubs, etc.


Demand equal access to school functions: You have a legal right to talk to students about the drawbacks of the military. If the school allows recruiters, they must allow you. Call teachers, guidance counselors, and the school administration to find out schedules. Attend career fairs and other school functions where the military may be present.


Do media work: Place an ad in the local school newspaper. Write an op-ed in your local community paper. Show the video "Military Myths" in your local community or youth center.


Partner with youth: Inform students of their rights. They can write directly to their school officials and tell them that they do not want their information sent to the military recruiters. Make contacts with youth groups both inside and outside the school.