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Rally to Save Youth Jobs -- This Is It! Adult Allies Needed!

When: Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Where: Government Center • Boston
This is it! The hopes of 5,500+ young people in our communities depend on YOU!
Amidst a youth jobs crisis, more than 5,500 Boston youth will be denied jobs this summer due to city, state, and federal budget cuts. A cut of just 2,000 jobs in Boston brings us back to 2005 funding levels, when we had 75 homicides in the city.
We are fighting for young people's lives and futures at all three levels of government: federal, state, and city.
Many budget decisions will be finalized in June. The June 15th rally will bring the message home, as we urge the City of Boston, and the State and Federal governments to save youth jobs!

With current budgets, 9000 youth jobs are getting cut across the State. In Boston, 2000 jobs are being cut, leaving a gap of 5,500 youth who will be denied jobs. With the problem of devastating youth violence, we need jobs to keep youth safe in the short term and build successful, healthy features in the long term.

In Boston, we are calling on Mayor Menino and the City Council to add $2 million for youth jobs: $1 million from the City budget, and $1 million in private funds.

At the State level, we are fighting to restore youth jobs funding to $12 million up from the $6 million level it was cut to.

At the Federal level, we are fighting to get Scott Brown to vote yes on up to $1.3 billion on youth jobs!

Please join us in the struggle for public spending on programs that promote peace and justice for youth and our communities. Adult allies are needed and appreciated!
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