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May Day on the Boston Common

When: Saturday, May 1, 2010, 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Where: Boston Common • Procession from North End - March • Boston

May Day 2010 Boston CommonOn May 1, 2010, the Boston May Day Committee is organizing a march and rally starting on Boston Common at 12 noon. It will be joined by a procession from Boston’s North End featuring large cut-out images of the 8 immigrant workers known as the May Day martyrs. 

In the Common, we are proud to announce a special performance of the famous radical theater group Bread and Puppets and a series of speakers that will address the major demands for May Day. 

The 1:00 p.m. March from the Common will focus on local anti-worker employers and the federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency. 

May Day organizers are concerned that: 

  • The Obama Administration deported 388,000 immigrants in 2009 (5% up from Bush’s last year) 
  • Nearly 20% of the workforce is unemployed or underemployed 
  • The Obama Administration is escalating the wars in the Middle East with record casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
  • Obama has supported the immigration proposal of Schumer (D) - Graham (R), which we flatly reject as repressive and guest worker oriented. 
  • Across the globe and in the United States governments are cutting back on services while bailing out banks and real estate interests

Our action’s slogans are: 

  • Good Jobs Now! 
  • Full Rights & Citizenship for the Undocumented! 
  • Tax the Rich! Fund Schools, Clinics & Communities! 
  • Fund Human Needs Not War & Occupation! 
  • Bail Out Workers, Not Wall Street! 
  • Solidarity Across Borders, Down with Washington’s Orders!

Our endorsers include:

ANSWER Coalition, Boston Anti Authoritarian Movement, Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee, Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition, Harvard No-Layoffs Campaign, Industrial Workers of the World, Latinos for Social Change, Mass Global Action, Sacco & Vanzetti Commemoration Society, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Party of Boston, Socialist Workers Party, Student Labor Action Movement, USW Local 8751 - Boston School Bus Drivers Union, Worcester Immigrant Coalition, United for Justice with Peace

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