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Brown Bag Lunch Vigil: Stop the Military Budget Supplemental

When: Wednesday, April 21, 2010, 9:00 am to 10:30 am
Where: Downstairs from Sen. John Kerry's office • One Bowdoin Square • Boston

Additional Locations:
Lowell • Office of Rep. Niki Tsongas • 11 Kearney Square 
Worcester • Public Library, Banx Room • 3 Salem Square 
Hyannis • Office of Rep. Bill Delahunt • 146 Main Street (Friday at 3-4pm)

Healthcare Not Warfare

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Brown Bag Lunch Vigil, Boston, February 18, 2010
Brown Bag Lunch Vigil, Boston, February 18, 2010
Brown Bag Vigil, Boston, Feb 18 2010

At a time when millions of Americans are jobless and cities and towns across the country are slashing budgets for basic services, we urgently need to challenge the Administration's budgetary priorities. Starve the war, not the nation! Across the country students, teachers, women, the disabled, hospital and healthcare workers, the homeless, domestic workers, the unemployed, seniors and many others are protesting deep budget cuts to essential programs.

It's time to join our efforts for a just economy with our call for peace and to tell Congress we can't afford war anymore.  Join us in a monthly Brown Bag Lunch Vigil (BBLV) at congressional offices.

Sponsored by UJP Afghanistan Task Force, Progressive Democrats of America, and Veterans for Peace/Smedley Butler Brigade.    Email us at

Register to attend!

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