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Legislative Action Task Force

Congress has the power to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Take Action -- Make YOUR Voice Heard: Be a part of our statewide campaign to keep the pressure on our Congresspeople.

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The UJP Legislative Action Task Force organizes legislative action on peace and justice issues in Massachusetts.

We aim to translate the peace sentiment of Massachusetts voters into effective pressure on legislators to take stands for peace.
To do this, a network of peace activists has formed in each congressional district.   
These task forces keep track of their Congressperson's votes and positions on a range of peace issues.   
They get to know each rep's strengths, weaknesses, and hot-buttons.
They organize delegations, write letters, make calls, and get to know congressional staff.
They give praise where it's due and where appropriate, they may also protest and bird-dog pro-war politicians or support a challenger.
Join the legislative action task force's listserv to get involved at a statewide level.

How they voted!   Massachusetts Congressional Delegation's Votes on Peace Issues - 2009-10

UJP  Legislative Action contacts

Statewide Coordinators: Carol Coakley , Shelagh Foreman, Susan Lees and Cole Harrison

To connect with congressional pressure work in your CD:

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