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Chronology of Some UJP Activities

9/11/2001 -- emergency meeting at AFSC offices leads to formation of United for Justice with Peace (UJP)

October 2001 -- first UJP rally and march to oppose bombing of Afghanistan

Feb. 2002 – conference at Tufts University to facilitate organizing of local peace and justice community groups

April 2002 – rally at Copley Square coordinates with national antiwar rally

Sept. 2002  -- UJP organizes 5000 to protest Bush visit to Boston

Nov. 2002 – 25,000 at Boston Common protest and march

Dec. 2002 – first UJP education/organizing conference at Simmons College

Feb. 2003 – UJP organizes 45 busloads to join huge rally against Iraq War in New York City

March 2003  -- UJP facilitates workshop opposing the Iraq War at Radical Organizing Conference in Dorchester

March 2003 – 50,000 rally on Boston common, marching to protest Iraq War in biggest Boston protest in a generation

April 2003 – Mass Ave. standout against the war stretches for miles

Summer 2004 – UJP facilitates Peace Track of Boston Social Forum, largest New England peace conference in memory. 

Summer 2004 -- Israel/Palestine Committee organizes major education and action conference at Boston Social Forum

Summer 2004  -- Democratic National Convention – Dennis Kucinich addresses peace party in Jamaica Plain; Israel/Palestine Committee organizes program in the “protest cage” outside the DNC

Jan. 2005  -- peace conference at Northeastern University

Spring 2006 – meeting with Cindy Sheehan

Summer 2006  --  UJP works with SEIU 1199 to followup national cross-movement coalition building

Fall 2006  -- statewide antiwar referendum carries in a number of districts

Jan. 2007  -- lobby day in Washington by peace and justice groups one of biggest in history

Oct. 2007 – UJP helps organize regional peace rally of 10,000 initiated by UFPJ

Fall 2008 – initiating quarterly forums for UJP groups after elections

October 2009  -- initiating and cosponsoring rally on Boston Common calling for an immediate US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Summer 2010 – workshop on cutting the military budget at Detroit Social Forum

Fall 2010 – organizing to send activists to One Nation rally in Washington

October 3, 2010  -- UJP represented at founding meeting of New Priorities Network in Washington

May 2011 – forum on Arab Spring and the revolution in Egypt

July 2011 – Festival for a Nuclear-Free Future

Various other activities

Weekly vigils for peace in Copley Square last for years

Community Outreach Committee hosts monthly brunches for UJP community which continue for years

War casualties –  Park Street commemorations of those killed in the wars

Fundraiser for Barbara Lee at church in Roxbury

Fund the Dream – UJP helps organize antiracism weekend training with Roxbury’s District Seven Roundtable

Stop the Biolab – Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Arlington and Somerville peace groups facilitate town resolutions opposing locating dangerous level 4 lab in South End/Roxbury

Cut the Military budget – Dorchester People for Peace holds public forum with major community participation

Jobs with Justice – UJP moves a resolution to withdraw troops from Afghanistan which is adopted by JwJ

Boston Workers Alliance – UJP represented at founding meeting

Chomsky fundraiser – Tribute to Chomsky’s many speeches for peace movement

Holly Near fundraising Concert

Emma's Revolution fundraising Concert

Berklee College Palestine Students virtuoso house party